Chapter 503 - Lights Out At Midnight 4

Chapter 503: Lights Out At Midnight 4

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Fu Jiu actually didn’t know what sort of chances she would receive if she received the most number of invitations

She had always thought of keeping the disguise, finish the photo mission, and be wary of the Almighty. So how could she have paid any attention to such gossip?

When Wu Zhen made this request, she didn’t reply right away, but waited to hear the rest of her sentence.

The reason was very simple—she didn’t like Wu Zhen’s attitude.

Never did Wu Zhen expect that someone would respond in such a manner. She smiled slightly first and then continued to say, “Do you have any queries, Miss?”

Looking at her, Fu Jiu just leaned against the glass platform, raised a cup of red wine and said languidly, “Nope.”

Wu Zhen narrowed her eyes, suddenly realizing that the woman before her probably wasn’t a pushover.

Yet, she was not here to make trouble. She just wanted a chance. So naturally, she did not show her displeasure. “In that case, name your conditions.”

Fu Jiu drank a mouthful of wine and said smilingly, “Attitude.”

“What?” Wu Zhen didn’t understand.

Fu Jiu smiled. The eyes behind her mask were filled with evilness. “I thought you wanted something from me, so there’s a minimum requirement when it comes to attitude, It shouldn’t be so condescending.”

Upon hearing that, Wu Zhen clenched her fingers, then cocked her head and chuckled. “It seems I need to explain. Because of my profession, I’m used to wearing uniforms most of the time. Therefore, my style of doing things is the same as well. It is not easy for me and Brother Qin to have a chance at dancing together, so can you please give the chance to me?”

Dance together?

Fu Jiu’s fingers paused.

If there was such a chance; of course, it had to be given to others.

Otherwise, the one dancing with the Almighty would be her.

Dancing together was obviously dangerous.

Handing the chance over to her would also be a good excuse for escape.

Fu Jiu hooked up her lips and as soon as she was about to say “okay,” Qin Mo walked over. A sweep of his gaze left one feeling extremely cold.


It seems like someone needs to be taught a lesson!

Looking at his side profile that didn’t betray his emotions, Fu Jiu’s body withdrew involuntarily. Maintaining a safe distance was of utmost importance.

Qin Mo still looked indifferent, but beneath his pair of black gloves were bent joints that had turned white from his clenching.

He didn’t speak to Fu Jiu as though he did not know him. Instead, he turned his head and said to Wu Zhen, “Don’t break the Supreme Alliance rules.”

Just those few simple words left Wu Zhen’s eyes filled with shock. It felt like she had suffered a barrage of blows.

However, she quickly smiled again. “I was just asking this young lady. Well, since Brother Mo is not happy with that, forget it.”

Others watched this scene from afar, but they could not tell who Qin Mo preferred to dance with.

But finally, according to the rules, it was the succubus who won.

Manager Feng stood beyond the crowd and thought to himself, Come on! When has the Almighty ever kept to the rules.

For the past three years, he has never stayed at the ball from the beginning to the end. He just shows his face before leaving.

Yet, this year is special.

Even more special is that Almighty Qin plans on participating in the “Lights Out” event. Then, wouldn’t it mean that he would be… k-kissing his dance partner?

WTF. Why do I have a nagging feeling that the Almighty treats the succubus very differently!

After finishing saying that, Qin Mo didn’t leave. He remained standing in front of Fu Jiu.

In such a sealed-off position, she couldn’t leave at all if the Almighty didn’t leave…