Chapter 504 - Lights Out At Midnight 5

Chapter 504: Lights Out At Midnight 5

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“This gentleman…”

Just as Fu Jiu began speaking, the clock began chiming.


What this indicated, was clear to all.

It was fifteen minutes to midnight.

The pleasant sound of waltz played punctually.

Fu Jiu saw the man standing in front of her and reached out his black-gloved hand with an emotionless expression. “Hand it over.”

Hand what over? Fu Jiu pricked up her eyebrows.


That voice seemed to spurn her for being stupid.

Fu Jiu still didn’t move.

She was trying to refuse the dance. How could she dance upon request?

Qin Mo looked at her fuzzy head with his two deep eyes, emotionless; but deep in the bottom of his eyes, he knew that someone was thinking of getting away with his understanding of him.

What a pity… that at this point, she was still unwilling to dance with him.

How could he let someone escape so easily.

When Fu Jiu’s eyes were still wandering, her left wrist was suddenly dragged by someone!

This action was not within her expectations, so her entire body fell forward uncontrollably as the tip of her nose slammed into Qin Mo’s chest.

The faint smell of tobacco lingering around the man immediately filled her mouth and nose; it was serene and cold, fragrant and familiar.

The people behind him, be they Wu Zhen and company, or the members of Supreme Alliance, could not hide their shocked expressions.

Perhaps they felt that Qin Mo shouldn’t have used so much force.

Only Fu Jiu felt nothing.

Because an emotionless voice quickly filled her ears, “Stand still.”

The two words really seemed to be the way the Almighty usually spoke.

Therefore, the Almighty likely didn’t know it was her up until now.

However, the two of them were too close.

With every movement, the smell of tobacco lingering around the man wafted over, leaving Fu Jiu nowhere to hide.

Fu Jiu could clearly see the straight bridge of his nose, with an irresistible fascination suffuse his thin sexy lips.

He was looking down at her, with a pair of beautiful eyes under his mask looking like a deep ancient well, aloof and noble…

She tried to pull her hand back, but he had already begun to lead her into a dance.

Fu Jiu knew that she would overacting if she escaped the Almighty’s grasp. She felt that as long as she did not stick too close to him, she would not be discovered.

Xue Yaoyao, the only person familiar with the situation, had already no idea what to say after seeing the scene.

Seeing the two people on the dance floor, she had only one idea in her mind—that they were a good match, be it their heights, temperament, or an indescribable feeling that their union gave.

Because Qin Mo himself was indifferent, with his entire body valuable, it was destined that anyone standing next to him would be eclipsed.

But if it was a person like Highness Jiu, that wouldn’t happen.

The succubus-like black swan was led to spin in the arms of the Almighty, and not only did she manage to hold her own, her beauty was accentuated.

The two of them looked like they were of the same kind, creatures which had come from the dark.

Even their dressing matched each other’s, as if they were originally meant for each other in this world…

Gradually, Wu Zhen’s eyes turned grim, and the money she had taken out had been squeezed into a distorted mess.

The scenery around kept changing as the dance continued.

The lights in the dance party were originally dim, so at that moment, Fu Jiu could only see Qin Mo’s appear and vanish. She couldn’t even see the reaction of the people around her was.

The number of people on the dance floor began to increase.

With Qin Mo leading the dance, many others pulled their dance partners over and slid in. After all, it was almost the time they had been looking forward to the most—midnight…