Chapter 505 - Lights Out At Midnight 6

Chapter 505: Lights Out At Midnight 6

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When the lights dimmed, one’s sense of touch became more sensitive.

A breath unique to a man gently breathed down Fu Jiu’s neck, causing her to fidget unnaturally.

Fu Jiu had never danced to such melancholic music.

She was afraid that there would contact between them.

But even with distance across their chests, Fu Jiu could still feel the heat emitted from Qin Mo.

Her black dress was a fishnet mesh.

And one hand of the Almighty was around her waist and the Almighty had one hand around her waist. And as they danced to the tune, more and more contact was made.

For a moment, there was an indescribable numbness around her tail bone.

Worst of all, the man had looked down at that moment and placed his thin lips near her ear. He said in a voice which seemed to lack emotion. “Stand well, understand?”

Fu Jiu finally realized how how coldly the Almighty treated girls.

But at that moment, it was best she kept quiet.

What would happen if her voice caught the attention of the Almighty?

Since the dance had already begun, she might as well finish the dance.

Then she could make a full retreat…

The reason why Fu Jiu had such an idea was because she didn’t realize that it was almost midnight. Elsewhere, Lin Feng had not given up on finding her.

His voice kept sounding in her ears.

“I dare bet that Little Spade is right around here. He just sent a picture and he will take another picture at midnight. We’ll stand here and see who holds up their phone!”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu laughed to herself. Brother Lin, there’s no need to hold up the phone to take a photo. What’s more, she didn’t have to take the photo at midnight.

When people started the countdown later, she could open her camera app and set a delay of ten seconds. It was completely doable.

Even though she had this in mind, Fu Jiu remained oblivious of the lights out event at midnight.

She was a newbie at Supreme Alliance after all. And it was normal for her since it was her first year participating in the new year bash.

Actually, Xue Yaoyao was also unaware of that because she had never tried finding out. Moreover, her attention was constantly on Fu Jiu.

Obviously, she was very worried for Fu Jiu.

But it was this worry that was caught by Qin Mo, causing the strength of his grip on someone’s waist intensified.

Fu Jiu naturally didn’t know what was happening to the Almighty. She just looked at the cold eyes of the man.

And from that, she could only sense some impatience.

Apparently, the Almighty really doesn’t like girls.

But it was a good thing for her.

Now, the Almighty was dancing to avoid the breaking of the rules; hence, he definitely wished for it to end faster than her.

When the time came, she would no longer have to suffer the anxiety in her heart, constantly worried about being discovered. It was just too exhausting.

This was more exhausting than disguising as a man.

“Is it boring to dance with me?”

The man’s deep and graceful voice sounded slowly.

Fu Jiu was unable to speak, so she shook her head, thinking to herself, Almighty, you are the one who looks more bored.

“Rest assured, it will be over soon.”

Fu Jiu, who had her eyes lowered, did not notice how dark Qin Mo’s deep eyes were when he said those words.

But Manager Feng, who knew everything that was happening, could no longer sit still.

He looked at the clock over and over again, as well as the two eye-catching figures on the dance floor.

When the emcee walked over and told him that there was only three minutes to midnight, Feng Yi became completely anxious when the microphone was handed to him.

It’s the same event every year.

It’s just a light out event at midnight. Why am I so different today?

I must be influenced by the Almighty.

It must be !