Chapter 506 - Lights Out At Midnight 7

Chapter 506: Lights Out At Midnight 7

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Two minutes.

One and a half minutes.

One minute.

30 seconds.

When Feng Yi took the microphone from the emcee, the music suddenly stopped.

Everyone stopped and looked in Feng Yi’s direction, their eyes glistening with excitement.

“There’s still twenty-five seconds to the new year. All lights will go out at midnight. So, are you ready?” Feng Yi was an experienced person in this industry after all. Despite his mixed feelings, he still smiled gracefully and looked like a successful person.

“We are ready!”

People answered in unison!

Even COCO who stood aside without dancing was holding his big white rabbit to join in the fun.

He’d had figured that if he had no one to kiss, he would kiss his rabbit.

Lin Feng was most miserable. He finally didn’t have to dress up as a girl this year and could invite somebody to dance. But when he realized that midnight was approaching, he discovered that he had been searching for Little Spade the entire time. Now, there was only Yun Hu beside him. No way he was kissing Yun Hu, right?

Some fans noticed his side glances, and Yun Hu happened to lower his head at the same time.

And just for one moment, they felt there were pink bubbles everywhere.

Fu Jiu and Xue Yaoyao was still at a loss as to what was going on. They exchanged a look through the crowd.

Fu Jiu was overjoyed that the Almighty had finally released his grip around her waist. That way, she could free her hands and take the third photo.


Holding the microphone, Feng Yi’s eyes were bright as he started the countdown.

People followed him quickly.




Fu Jiu had taken part in a massive New Year’s party when she was at Fifth Avenue.

The atmosphere there was completely different from spending the new year’s eve alone.

Everyone seemed happy.

And happiness would be doubled once it was shared with others.

Happiness of so many people would grow into excitement.

So Fu Jiu didn’t realize what was wrong with that.

Feng Yi said suddenly when he counted to four, “Be careful and make sure not to kiss the wrong person.”

Kiss the wrong person?

What does that mean?

Fu Jiu sensed something and pricked up her brow sharply.

Meanwhile, Wu Zhen’s face instantly turned pale. She whispered to Han Susu and asked, “What does Feng Yi mean by not kissing the wrong person?”

“When the lights turn off at midnight, every dancer will kiss their partner.” Taking in Wu Zhen’s expression, Susu added, “It seems to be tradition for Supreme Alliance parties.”

Kiss their dance partner?

Wu Zhen fumed. “Why didn’t you tell me something this important earlier!?”

“Don’t worry. Sister Wu. Brother Qin has never taken part in this game. He will be back after the countdown.” This was not the first time Han Susu had participated in the party, so she knew what happened in previous years.

And not only did she think so, even the other members thought so too.

So no one paid attention to Qin Mo.

Only Fu Jiu had the instinctive urge to escape when she heard the news.

But it was still late.

Just as she widened her long legs, “zero” came out suddenly from Feng Yi.

Fu Jiu only felt her wrist being yanked back suddenly.

All the lights went out in a flash and were replaced by countless lit candles whose glows mixed with the starlight from the wooden windows.

The flickering candlelight loomed and slowly swayed in circles, looking like a human pulse.

“Brother Mo, it’s…”

Before Fu Jiu could finish saying “me”, people saw that tall and noble man suddenly lowering his head!