Chapter 507 - The Kiss

Chapter 507: The Kiss

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He kissed the person before him as if no one was around him.

When the unexpected breath carrying snow-like coldness imprinted itself on Fu Jiu’s lips, her mind went blank.

It had the faint aroma of tobacco, and it did not give her any chance to resist.

It should be said that never imagined it possible that Qin Mo would really kiss her.

Because according to previous years, he should have left.

Yet, at that moment, everyone was stunned.

It was hard to describe everyone’s expression.

Fu Jiu wanted to resist him with her usual fighting skills, but the man was faster than her. He pressed against her wrist and held the back of her head with his other hand.

The tall and upright figure just leaned forward, which strengthened the strength of the kiss.

Even Qin Mo himself wasn’t sure of what he was doing. However, all he wanted was to simply teach somebody a lesson.

But he couldn’t help but kiss down after he saw those watery eyes.

That taste left him mesmerized. It was sweet and soft which exuded a faint fragrance. It gave him the urge to want more.

Fu Jiu wanted to resist, but her whole body was held against a long table. Fu Jiu’s lips were pried by his tongue forcefully as sweetness of a candy swept through like a hurricane.

Men were innately aggressive; what’s more an inebriated man.

In some ways, Fu Jiu was a rookie when it came to such matters.

This was the first time she was being kissed like this.

Her heart beating turned erratic without any resemblance of a pattern.

There was no need to mention the sense of numbness that came from the rubbing of their skin; it was like lightning striking her, tearing through her tailbone…

Her mind was spinning.

Fu Jiu felt as though she couldn’t hear a thing.

Yet, it was as though all the sounds were being amplified, especially the screams sounding around.

They were earsplitting.

Yet the man’s heartbeats were the clearest, heavy and powerful, which seemed to keep all noises afar.

Even Fu Jiu herself did not know how the kiss ended.

But when she wanted to open her mouth to bite, the man had already released her, his eyes looking lusterless.

What’s more, there was an unspeakable tinge to the way he looked.

But that feeling just remained for a short moment.

He became the Almighty Qin, who kept others at bay, with his cold aura and temperament as an unperturbed scion.

Fu Jiu did not make herself appear wretched either. Instead, many eyes were peeled to her exposed thin lips after the kiss.

Qin Mo just looked at her that way, the two standing opposite and looking at each other.

The scene was pretty beautiful.

For a moment, people went from screaming into an unprecedented silence.

Lin Feng was so shocked that his mouth remained open.

The Captain… he actually took the initiative to kiss a woman!?

Yun Hu’s eyes were also shocked, but even more so, he wanted to know who the woman cosplaying as a succubus was.

On the other side, Han Susu’s eyes were all round.

None of them dared to look at Wu Zhen’s face.

Because just by standing there, they could feel the indignation coming out from Wu Zhen’s body.

That level of indignation was as though all the blood had been drained out of Wu Zhen’s face. She could hardly believe what she had seen as her fingers tightened little by little.

Xue Yaoyao, the only one who knew the truth, covered her mouth with her hands.

Almighty Qin… Almighty Qin, he actually kissed Highness Jiu.

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes and rubbed her mouth with the back of her hand, and planned on leaving immediately.

To everyone’s surprise, after kissing her, the Almighty leaned to one side and lowered his head, with his voice sounding from behind her ear. “Who did you say you were just now?”