Chapter 508 - The Almighty's Black-bellied Schemes

Chapter 508: The Almighty’s Black-bellied Schemes

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He looked at her in silence after saying that.

As if she could forget about leaving unless he received a good explanation from her.

With this, Fu Jiu instantly felt somewhat depressed.

Worst of all, her wrist was being gripped by him.

There were many people around, so if she wanted to take any action, her black dress wouldn’t be helping her at all.

“Did you just call me ‘Brother Mo?'” Having said that, the man’s voice came to an abrupt halt as he raised his hand, about to grab her hair.

Fu Jiu knew that he was being suspicious, so she blocked with her extended hand. She turned even more depressed and to prevent herself from being exposed, she took the initiative to say, “Yeah, I did. It’s me, Fu Jiu. That’s a wig.”

Qin Mo looked at that fluffy head beneath his eyes. His exposed lips curled as he tried to add a tone of surprise to his voice. “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Fu Jiu wiped her mouth again with the back of her hand. “I wanted to say, but who knew you were that fast. You even took away my first kiss!”

“First kiss?” Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows. “How could that be the experienced Lord Jiu’s first kiss?”

Fu Jiu: … The Almighty, is this really a good time to mention a confession? And, why did you call me Lord Jiu? How depressing.

Qin Mo looked at the lips of the fellow in front of him turning red from all the wiping.

He moved his fingers and stopped her.

His eyes sank and he sounded emotionless. “It’s just a kiss, is all this rubbing really necessary?”

Fu Jiu didn’t want to wipe either. She kept sensing that faint smell of tobacco lingering on her lips. If anything was to be blamed, it was because of the immense level of presence the Almighty had.

“Even if you want to wipe, do it back home. Lin Feng and the guys were coming. He was looking for you all night. Are you planning on saying hi to him before leaving? Hmm?”

Fu Jiu knew the Almighty well; he was not negotiating with her!

“Brother Mo, help me. I will make you congee when your stomach hurts the next time.” Fu Jiu didn’t want Lin Feng to see her like that, for once Lin Feng learned of it, everyone would learn of it.

Plus she had just kissed the Almighty, she would definitely be attacked by the group.

How could the Almighty be so calm about the whole thing?

She was still no match with the Almighty when it came to being thick-skinned.

“I’m not lacking in someone who can make congee.” Qin Mo tangled her black hair, and thought for a moment. “Same condition as before.”

Fu Jiu looked at the approaching Lin Feng. “Same condition as before? What condition was it previously?”

So this guy has never actually paid attention to my words?

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes and sneered. “You are not to have a relationship at your young age. Stay away from those boys and girls of yours. Don’t flirt with anyone you see.”

“What boys and girls?” Fu Jiu retorted.

Qin Mo sounded very indifferent. “Xue Yaoyao, you are getting too close to her. No relationship is allowed between members on the team, it will affect the competition.”

So that’s the reason.

Just as Fu Jiu was about to say something, she realized Lin Feng looking over suspiciously.

She turned and smiled faintly. “Brother Mo, let’s talk about such trivial matters in the future. I gotta go, cover for me.”

Qin Mo swept his gaze past her as an agreement, but he added an additional condition. “You know where the hotel’s side door is, right? Wait for me there.”

Fu Jiu: … In this dress?

Agree first. We’ll talk about the rest after agreeing to it.

Unfortunately, Qin Mo lowered his head again, bent over and said into her ears with a deep voice. “You are not to escape with anyone else. If I don’t see you later, you should know of the consequences.”

The people around them didn’t know what their conversation entailed.

They only saw how Qin Mo’s handsome pose was that of delivering a kiss and felt their hearts race…