Chapter 509 - The Almighty Says It Was Arranged by the Company

Chapter 509: The Almighty Says It Was Arranged by the Company

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As the Almighty’s scent assaulted Fu Jiu’s nose, she only had one thought in her mind— the Almighty is indeed not easy to deal with.

But from the looks of it, he wasn’t making the connection that she was a girl just yet.

Before Qin Mo blocked Lin Feng, he looked at Fu Jiu again, the warning look in his eyes evident.

Lin Feng tried standing on his toes to peek a look for he wanted to see who was that charming to actually earn a kiss from the Almighty!

As he was held back by the Captain, Lin Feng stuttered, “Ca-captain, why did y-you…”

Qin Mo was unfazed about it. “Company’s arrangement.”

And with that said, it definitely meant that it was Feng Yi’s idea!

Therefore, Lin Feng, Yun Hu and the others all looked towards Manager Feng!

Feng Yi moved his mouth, thinking, The company asked you to invite someone to a dance, but did it ask you to deliver a kiss?

He wouldn’t, no, he would never take the blame!

“But…” Lin Feng wasn’t dumb. The Captain never agreed to the company’s arrangement in the past few years, so why was he abiding to it this year?

Qin Mo knew what was on his mind. He raised his hand and took a look at the time on his watch before placing one hand in his pocket. With a calm expression, he said, “It’s three minutes past midnight, I have to return. If there are any questions, ask Feng Yi directly. As the manager of the Qin Club, I’m sure he knows how to manage any sudden situations and will answer all the questions you have.”

While saying this, Qin Mo’s eyes were trained on Feng Yi.

Manager Feng was totally placed in a spot. To have the Almighty suddenly remind him, he suddenly remembered that there were many fans around him.

With this many fans around, an Almighty like Qin Mo would do things beyond one’s imagination.

Something that happened could be very simple, but under the watchful gazes of the fans, it would turn complicated.

Like, who was that woman?

Why did Almighty Qin kiss her?

And so on.

Therefore, Feng Yi darted his eyes and put on an elegant smile. “It was indeed arranged by the company. It’s a bonus for all the fans, as a way to thank them for their support.”

In fact, there had always been bonuses for fans, just that if it touched the Almighty’s bottom line, he would never agree to it.

What happened this time?

For him to kiss someone?

Looking at that departing back, it wasn’t only Feng Yi having such thoughts; even Wu Zhen had the same thoughts.

At the moment she saw that scene, her entire body was nearly shaking.

As if, something had changed quantitatively in her heart.

She had failed to obtain something that she had been after for so many years.

If that woman had agreed to give her the opportunity, would she have been the one to receive the kiss?

Even if she didn’t receive it, the situation would, at the very least, not be as it was now.

Wu Zhen was at a loss why she came to this masquerade party.

Even more did she fail to understand why despite having gone so far, that person had failed to respond to her affection.

“Sister Wu…” Han Susu looked at her worriedly.

Wu Zhen didn’t respond.

Han Susu found her eyes terrifying.

But in the next second, Wu Zhen started laughing lightly. “So esport players actually make greater sacrifices than us police. They even need to give sacrifice their kisses for the sake of their company.”

Upon hearing that, Han Susu added instantly, “If not for the need to give bonuses, Brother Qin would definitely not have touched her.”

She looked over as she was saying that. “I really don’t know what’s the deal with Supreme Alliance this year. They didn’t invite any good-looking boys or girls in the industry. Sister Wu, do you know what the standard one needs to have to receive an invitation? It’s based on how long you’ve been the team’s fan!”