Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Fu Jiu Flirts with the Almighty Again

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Qin Mo was also looking in Fu Jiu’s direction.

His eyes were so deep that they were unreadable.

“CEO Qin, we’ve arrived at the Fu residence.” Fatty stopped the car.

Qin Mo took another look at Fu Jiu, who was still tightly holding those lobsters in her arms. Then, she smiled at him with her head tilted up. “I’m going then. Almighty Qin, thanks for taking me back. See you online in a bit?”

They had been sitting together. Qin Mo could see that innocent face with a little tilt of his head, and he could even see the tiny fluffy hairs on her face clearly.

Looking at that face, Qin Mo couldn’t stay upset anymore. “Only this? You’re not going to say anything else?”

Anything else?

“Drive safely, text me when you get back. I will call you up to raid some dungeons!” Fu Jiu turned and brushed the black hair on Almighty Qin’s forehead with her fingers. “If the Almighty can join the game, they will definitely offer better prices.”

Qin Mo was about to say, “If you came to me for your family’s business, I can help you with it.”

But he didn’t expect that this guy only stayed good for a minute. Now he was courting death again.

Qin Mo sighed deeply and narrowed his eyes again. His chest was heaving up and down, and his voice was heavy as he squeezed his words out through gritted teeth. “You, get the f*ck out!”

“Angry again?” Fu Jiu glared back before laughing out loud. She simply raised her arms high and caressed Qin Mo’s head. “Almighty, don’t act so cool. Be nice, this is our first meeting after all. Don’t leave unhappily. Now there, that’s better!”

COCO and Fatty were sitting in the front, but they didn’t dare to turn their heads around!

What was that guy doing!

Rubbing CEO (Captain)’s head?!

Has he ever heard of pulling hair from a tiger’s mane?

It’s the same principle!

CEO must be itching to tear him up into pieces!

Qin Mo’s head had never been caressed by anyone. His fingers tightened and loosened several times. In the end, he couldn’t take it anymore. He opened the car door and threw that smiling young man out of the car!

“Drive off!”

He said those two words very coldly. They did not have a trace of warmth.

Fatty trembled and stepped on the gas without another word.

He feared that his CEO would really kill Spade Z if they didn’t leave instantly.

Fu Jiu was happy, and her lips curled up. She was waving to the car with a bright smile.

That smile dazzled Almighty Qin’s eyes. He harrumphed and turned his head.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrow. Was he avoiding her?

She still had ways to bug him.

She instantly lowered her head and texted him on WeChat.

“Almighty, remember to log on when you get home. Let an experienced player take you raiding dungeons!”

Qin Mo held his jaw, swiped to open the message, and harrumphed coldly again, “Do I need you to take me to raid dungeons?”

“Then you take me. It’s the same thing anyway,” Fu Jiu texted, before sending a smiley emoji over. “It’s fun to play with friends.”

Qin Mo didn’t reject her this time and replied with two plain words: “Got it.”

So he agreed? Fu Jiu raised her beautiful eyebrows. It seemed the Almighty wasn’t completely inhuman after all.

If Almighty Qin would really raid dungeons with her in a bit, then each mission’s payout would go up significantly.

Well, things like taking pictures together would add more money to it.

It would not be easy to ask a god to attack a dungeon together.

Regular prices wouldn’t be accepted, period.

She had to change to it to giving VIP treatment.

Not bad, not bad. Gay meetups also had their own merits.

Later on, whenever she took orders to raid dungeons, she would ask him to join her, and then the money would just come rolling in!