Chapter 510 - Never Regretted

Chapter 510: Never Regretted

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“Then it’s indeed Feng Yi’s fault this time. Since it’s a Club, it should determine based on the wealth of a fan to allow the betterment of Supreme Alliance’s development.” Wu Zhen thought that perhaps this was the reason that resulted in the entry of people without any decency or manners.

Han Susu sneered. “I really have no idea what they were thinking. They even said that how much money spent didn’t matter, and that it’s the continual support that’s more important than money.”

While they were discussing this, Lin Feng watched from the side.

When he heard the last sentence, he raised his eyes and wore an insipid expression. “It’s true none of you understand anything. In this world, there are always things more important than money.”

“Are you saying you don’t love money?” Han Susu knew Lin Feng personally as he reminded him, “Then why is the Lin family in business?”

Lin Feng laughed out, like a blooming cherry blossom. “The work I do has never been at conflict with my belief. I know the reason why you can’t understand that feeling. No one is more important than the person who stays by your side when you are at your downest moment and with all paths seemingly leading to a dead end. It’s because you have fallen do you know better than anyone that. When everyone says that Supreme Alliance wouldn’t make it, those people who were more worried about Supreme Alliance’s results than me, those people who supported us with their feeble strength but which spoke volumes to us, those people who wouldn’t mind eating instant noodles just to see us in a match, those people who were willing to spend all their allowance just to buy a ticket told us, that even if Supreme Alliance were not as peerless as before, they would not leave us. They were more tenacious than us and they were certain that Supreme Alliance would win the Nationals. Shouldn’t we invite these people the most?”

Lin Feng’s words put everyone into a dead silence.

Yin Wuyao smiled slowly with a cigarette in his mouth.

Yup, wouldn’t these people be the ones they should invite the most?

He was never happier about returning to the industry.

Besides their Captain, each team member had their own principles and bottom line.

And that was Supreme Alliance.

Han Susu was left for a loss for words.

The look in Wu Zhen’s eyes were also extremely dark.

Not for other reasons.It was not for any other reason, but that people were already looking over to them.

Even though they didn’t say anything, someone had posted what Lin Feng had just said on the official Weibo page instantly.

The title was comprised of just a few words: “Never regretted to be your fan.”

In fact, the latent worries that Feng Yi had was eliminated when he saw the official Weibo post because he wasn’t sure if anyone had videotaped that kiss.

If anyone had done so, it would create a huge stir online.

And that would be very harmful to Supreme Alliance.

Even without a video of it, if anyone were to spread the matter, once the media and press caught on, they would definitely magnify the problem immensely.

And now, with Lin Feng’s speech, all problems were resolved.

Nothing was more powerful than true fans.

They were always silent, showing up only when you needed them the most.

Lin Feng’s speech was reposted so many times in that one day.

Only… there was one thing.

Almighty Qin was really abnormal this time.

Feng Yi was both curious and worried.

Who was that woman that the Almighty kissed? Why couldn’t he figure out who she was from the fan database?

He was the one who had sent out all the invitations.

Unless that person was… one of the team members!?