Chapter 511 - Almighty Qin Is Gay

Chapter 511: Almighty Qin Is Gay

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Feng Yi was shocked by his own thought.

And it was not a light shock!

He took a deep breath first, calmed himself, and stopped his imagination from going wild.

Maybe that was just some random person who sneaked in… Yeah, right!

Feng Yi had hired people to filter attendees to prevent the party from being disturbed by the media.

No one was able to get in without an invitation.

And if they were fans, they were required to hand in their nicknames and costume first before the ball.

And there was absolutely no record of that person!

And the only team member who was requested to be dressed up as a girl was… Little Spade!

Feng Yi’s hand paused.

On second thought, if wasn’t that strange if it was Little Spade.

Almighty Qin had always been overly tolerant with Little Spade.

What!? No!

What does it mean that it isn’t strange if it’s Little Spade.

They are both guys!

Feng Shang could that that his elder brother looked faint and thought that he had too much to drink. Hence, he came over to help him. “Bro, are you okay?”

“Feng Shang, listen, don’t ever dress up as a girl, get it?” Feng Yi wore a look of seriousness.

Baby Feng was shocked as he immediately said: “I-I’m too m-manly to dress up as a girl!”

“Your idol is more manly than you are; yet, didn’t he end up dressing up…” And he was even kissed by Almighty Qin after doing that…

Wait a second, Almighty Qin mentioned that he was leaving. Wasn’t that basically to cover for Little Spade?

After he figured that out.

Everything seemed to make sense as all the clues connected perfectly.

It included why Almighty Qin had shown up in the hotel’s surveillance room. Feng Yi instantly figured out everything.

He had likely locked onto Little Spade and was making confirmation.

Which is to say that after he confirmed that he was Little Spade, Almighty Qin agreed to attend the Lights Out event at midnight?

The look in Feng Yi’s eyes changed as he thought about this.

It was okay if he’s working up the CP angle, but.. what if… Almighty Qin is really gay?

Feng Yi could almost imagine what the ensuing chaos would be like after this was exposed.

Not only Little Spade, even Almighty Qin himself would be crashed by people who used to claim to like him.

Not because they had done anything wrong.

Even as the young master of the mighty Qin Group, he would still be forced to give up the esports industry in the face of the Internet storm.

Therefore, today’s incident had to be kept a secret

Feng Yi finally understood why Almighty Qin had reminded him before leaving.

As the manager of Supreme Alliance, he had to take this secret to the grave.

But Almighty Qin and Little Spade…

What was going on between the two of them? Were they really going to end up together?


That was Qin Mo’s answer.

Nobody saw the overly active emotions in his eyes when he was heading for the hotel’s side exit.

He was straight for sure for he had no interest in the same gender.

However, he just didn’t understand, why he would lose control of himself at that very moment.

He even… thought of more.

This was why he asked the youngster to wait for him there.

It was to confirm his own emotions again.

He wanted that guy to change back into male clothing, to make another confirmation.

Fu Jiu was still in that black dress, only this time, she was smoking.

With no one around, she had taken the mask off. She was smoking with her head lowered with cigarette in between her fingers. She narrowed her eyes amid the smoke, and one could barely make out her facial features which were so divine like she had been kissed by god.

The next second, she put a lollipop in her mouth, perhaps finding the tobacco scent not to her liking.