Chapter 512 - Two Love Birds

Chapter 512: Two Love Birds

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Qin Mo saw this and deepened his eyes.

He walked over, took his hand out of the pocket and snatched Fu Jiu’s cigarette and put it in between his thin lips.

Fu Jiu looked up and smiled. “Look how obedient I am. I waited as you asked me to.”

“Because you don’t have a ride home.” Qin Mo held his keys and said sullenly, “You’ll be the one driving, but first, put the mask on.”

Qin Mo had made this request only because that face made him want to destroy something.

Fu Jiu withdrew her fingers and laughed. “Nope, I’m still not an adult.”

“Not an adult, but capable of climbing walls but not drive?” Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows.

Fu Jiu sighed. “Brother Mo, you can’t keep stabbing at this sore spot just because you made a mistake kissing me. I warned you that it was me, but you didn’t listen and immediately kissed me!”

Fu Jiu had thought about it.

Almighty was straight, so there was no way he could accept kissing a man.

After all, the Almighty had apparently not recognized her back then.

After Qin Mo heard that, he extended his hand and flicked her forehead with a rather composed attitude. “You were too slow.”

“Well, it’s just a kiss and it won’t do anything.” Fu Jiu smiled. “If you feel uncomfortable, you should get a real girl and kiss her.”

Qin Mo’s eyes completely darkened after hearing that.

But this time, he didn’t respond.

After turning around, he said two words to Fu Jiu, “Let’s go.”

His voice sounded vague, and surprisingly, had a trace of loneliness?

At that moment, Fu Jiu kept feeling as though she was mistaken.

How can he ever be lonely?

She paused and caught up with him.

Qin Mo looked as though he was holding something down. After getting into the car, he took some mineral water in the car, opened it, and started drinking, before closing it back up and throwing it into the car without a thought. “Get in the car.”

That was the second sentence Qin Mo said to her.

It was quite a distance to drive downtown from the location of the party.

And it was not easy to drive in Jiang City at night.

It was too foggy and the visibility was extremely low.

Fu Jiu wasn’t sure why the Almighty was acting weird. Was it because that he had kissed a “boy” and was unable to accept it? Was he fuming over it?

At that moment, nobody seemed to care that Qin Mo was driving under influence.

Qin Mo was obviously not happy.

Therefore, when Fu Jiu wiped her lips again, Qin Mo suddenly warned, “If you wipe your lips again, I will show you what real kisses are, understand?”

Fu Jiu looked over to that beautiful face and guessed that indeed, he was unable to accept it mentally.

But, what’s wrong with her wiping her own lips!?

It was all the Almighty’s fault; if he hadn’t used so much force to bite her, her lips wouldn’t be feeling swollen and numb.

When he heard her murmuring, Qin Mo’s eyes warmed up a little.

But when it reached a certain extent of warmth, those deep eyes landed on someone’s moving lips again.

Then, he slowly looked down at the beautiful curves…

Fu Jiu noticed his eyes of course…

Her heart skipped a beat.

However, she smiled in a composed manner. “I did a good job, huh? If not for the props Lin Feng gave me, I wonder how many people would have recognized me.”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything as he narrowed his eyes slowly, looked inexplicably dangerous.

At that moment, Fu Jiu grabbed his hand and put it directly on her chest…