Chapter 513 - First Kiss?

Chapter 513: First Kiss?

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That delicate softness under his palm was so rich and full of texture, even with that layer of cloth, he could still feel that smooth tenderness vividly.

Qin Mo’s whole body froze up for a second, his Adam’s apple moved as he looked to the side.

But he still lost control of his own body; that tenderness had made all of his blood rush to one spot.

He was getting crazy!

That guy was still laughing trickily and handsomely. “Touch and feel this, they are so real that you can really fool those Internet-addicted boys with these!”

If Qin Mo had any experience with women, he wouldn’t have been this passive.

But Fu Jiu had bet that the Almighty haven’t been with any woman for a really long time.

He wouldn’t be able to tell fake ones from real ones.

Any man would know how Qin Mo felt at that moment.

He had to stop the car to the side of the road before looking over only to see that smiling guy looking back at him.

His lips were pinkish, his eyes watery, no different from a succubus that had walked out of the darkness.

Without further thought, Qin Mo yanked Fu Jiu’s chin and glowered, his eyes deepening. “If you don’t want me to press down over your body, behave.”

Fu Jiu paused.

She tried stopping Qin Mo with her fingers, but the man’s wrist was really powerful. The moment she touched him, she felt like she was touching a hot block of iron that was scalding.

Her heart jumped.

Qin Mo looked at her and retracted his hand back, his voice sounding calm like still water. “Get out if you want to continue acting like a pervert again.”

So he didn’t notice?

Fu Jiu curled her lips, knowing very well when to stop.

But this time, she had sacrificed a lot.

Not only did she lose her first kiss, she had also offered her boobs to the Almighty for touching.

Now, the Almighty’s impression of her was definitely someone who lacked moral values.

Therefore, having too much of a negative history wasn’t good.

For example, if she provoked the Almighty again, he would definitely throw her straight out of the window like she was a corruptive source.

She could no longer turn back.

The Almighty had already been tolerating her to a certain extent.

At the end of the day, it was all because of that lights out event.

A kiss which should have never happened in the first place.

In the future, would the Almighty wish to settle scores with her whenever he saw her in retaliation for kissing a “guy?”

And she would lost all the advantages of being his younger brother.

Speaking of which, why did the Almighty care so much about that kiss?

Could it be…

Fu Jiu looked up abruptly. “Brother Mo, don’t tell me that that was your first kiss, too!”

Even if he didn’t like to be close to girls, he must have had girlfriends before in his teenage years, right!?

After all, the Almighty was too handsome to be single.

There would definitely be girls wanting to kiss him as soon as he showed up anywhere.

Like on Christmas Eve or Valentine’s Day.

Fact was…

That man’s cold gaze which swept over proved that Fu Jiu was right.

“Wait, what did you do exactly do in school, Brother Mo?”

Was it true that scholars like him were destined to be different from lousy students like her, that they only studied and not date?

The Almighty doesn’t seem like some goody two-shoes.

Besides, back when he was dealing with those from No.2 Middle School, he looked completely like a head honcho.

Furthermore, Fu Jiu had browsed through the online forum of No.1 Middle School in the past.

And there were still achievements left on the forums of times when the Almighty was still the School Prince of No.1 Middle School.

Rumor had it that he was the regional head honcho, and people from No.2 Middle School detoured when they encountered him.

Someone like him would still have his first kiss?

Qin Mo turned the steering wheel and laughed more coldly. “How can I compare with Lord Jiu, the king of school confessions.”