Chapter 514 - Changing in the Car

Chapter 514: Changing in the Car

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Fu Jiu: “…”

She only wanted to know when Almighty Qin would get over this whole “kissing a guy” thing and stop mentioning her embarrassing history!

Fu Jiu didn’t know what Qin Mo was thinking.

It was remained really foggy outside.

Qin Mo could still feel that remnant soft and warm touch on his hands as he turned the steering wheel.

This made him unable to concentrate.

He wanted so badly to press that guy under his body and ruthlessly…

Qin Mo tightened his grip and even the speed at which the car was going was affected.

No girl would let a guy touch her breasts that easily.

He just couldn’t figure out why he would even have feelings towards a boy.

He suddenly realized that he was already addicted to that touch his hand had felt.

Warmth and softness…

Which passed through that layer of cloth to his hand was like some sort of seduction.

Qin Mo’s Adam’s apple moved indiscernibly.

Finally, he chose to stop the black Hummer by the side of road.

Fu Mansion was not far ahead.

“Get changed.”

Fu Jiu paused when she heard that short phrase. “In here?”

“It’s just me and you in here; nothing can be seen from the outside.” Qin Mo put a cigarette in his mouth as he was saying that before lighting it with his head lowered slightly. He still held onto the wheel with his eyebrows lifted.

Fu Jiu smiled casually. “I didn’t bring clothes. Brother Mo, are you going to take yours off to give them to me?”

“There’s some casual wear I bring around behind you.” Qin Mo sounded sullen.

Fu Jiu’s fingers paused. “There’s no need. I’m almost home.”

“Change.” Qin Mo sucked at the cigarette, and his side profile lit from time to time when the signaling lights flashed. Then, he chuckled. “Weren’t you someone who was acting like a pervert? What’s there to be afraid of?”

Fu Jiu didn’t move, and said languidly, “I don’t want to.”

“Then, you can leave the car when you decide it’s time to change.” With the cigarette in between his fingers, Qin Mo stopped the engine for real, locked all the doors, and smoked casually, looked careless at that moment with a look of abstinence.

Fu Jiu knew the Almighty was always someone who meant what he said.

She indeed couldn’t stay with the Almighty in this dress any longer.

It was only because they hadn’t been together for long and it was night time.

If it was day time, even if she had wanted to do what had done, it was unlikely that the Almighty would have his suspicion eliminated.

Therefore, she couldn’t stay in there any longer.

Perhaps the Almighty wanted her out of the dress because the look of a “boy” like him in female clothes reminded him of his kissing of a “boy” like her.

But there was no way Fu Jiu could get changed in the front seat.

As there was no other cars passing by, it was pitch black in the car. She should jump into the back seat, wear the trousers first before wearing a sweater. As long as she was fast enough, she would be safe.

Fu Jiu looked up.

At that moment, Qin Mo spoke up in an indifferent voice, “What’s taking you so long?”

So he hadn’t completely cleared his suspicions of her?

Fu Jiu pricked up her eyebrows, unfastened the seat belt, supported her body with her left hand, bent over, and jumped into the back seat beautifully.

The Hummer was quite spacious inside; therefore, Fu Jiu could complete the series of movements beautifully.

She unzipped the bag of clothes and first picked the trousers before taking out the sweater.

In the dark, sounds coming from the rubbing of the clothes sounded more obvious.

Fu Jiu was three or four times faster at changing than normal people for she was used to disguising.

However, when Qin Mo heard those faint noises while sitting in the front seat, his eyes deepened.