Chapter 516 - Realizing Her Feelings

Chapter 516: Realizing Her Feelings

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Looking at the Hummer disappearing into the night, Fu Jiu caressed the sweater on her.

She hoped the Almighty would have returned to normal when they met tomorrow.

Otherwise, it was too upsetting to have taken part in the masquerade party.

After leaving Fu Mansion, Qin Mo didn’t head home directly. Instead, he stomped down on the gas pedal and raced to a place he usually wasn’t that enthusiastic about.

Pure Color, a very famous nightclub.

It was a building with a panorama, colorful and luxurious.

Countless cars slowly poured into them.

Especially days like today.

Yet, no luxurious car could compare to the military Hummer with a red-and-white car plate. It stopped smoothly at the entrance.

As soon as people saw the car plate number, they were instantly shocked.

One of the reception managers quickly called to his superior, Boss Jiang.

But Boss Jiang had not been in a good mood the past few days.

It was especially so after the birthday.

Could it be that Boss Qin was here to have drinks with Boss Jiang?

The reception manager could only think so.

Qin Mo got off the car with his long and slim legs, which attracted the attention of the other girls who were also getting out of the cars.

He was still wearing the clothes he wore at the masquerade party. The lines of the devil uniform outlined his perfect waistline. His chestnut-black hair covered his eyes slightly, making it impossible for others to see his expression.

Yet, it was the quality of abstinence and nobility that left people enchanted.

“Heavens, who is he? He’s so handsome!”

“You don’t know him? He’s that Young Master Qin of our Jiang City.”

“Young Master Qin!? I have never met him before!”

“Of course you haven’t met him. He doesn’t come here often. You should enjoy the treat your eyes will be having today and looks like that might be luck when it comes to relationships…”

Several girls looked at each other with a smile.

They entered in tow.

That was how a nightclub was.

Anyone could talk to anyone and treat others to drinks.

There were even rich girls who would get the waiter to send drinks over to anyone that caught their fancy.

Therefore, a nightclub was a place which didn’t allow for distances between people. It was also a land that produced one night stands.

After all, they were all adults. They were pretty enchanted with the attraction of their hormones.

Yet it was hard to tell when it began when many senior high school students would patronize nightclubs.

Maybe it was a change of times.

As some senior high school students were richer than adults, they knew how to spend and enjoy.

One should know that with the looks of someone like Qin Mo, it was fatal to everyone, what’s more girls who were just beginning to let their hormones run wild.

Upon seeing the manager of Pure Color lead the way by himself, the look in the eyes of some girls brightened.

On this day, a number of girls who came to Pure Color to have fun were all trying to obtain an opportunity to interact with Qin Mo.

One of the girls couldn’t hold herself back. She also came from a well-to-do family, and being a little inebriated, she chuckled. “If you guys aren’t going up, I’ll do it. Someone like Qin Mo should like someone who takes the initiative.”

“Are you crazy?” Her friend pulled her back.

The girl didn’t think much of it. “I’m good-looking. You are an idiot. No man will push away a woman who throws herself at him. What’s there to worry about?”

“Are you unaware that some time ago, someone tried to pull a move on Young Master Qin and tried to spike his drink. She didn’t manage to do a thing and no longer appears at Pure Color again. Listen to me, don’t go over.”

The Qin Family was a military family after all.

No matter how handsome and noble Qin Mo was, he did things cruelly.

Only if someone wished trouble on themselves would they provoke him.