Chapter 517 - Almighty Qin Turns Gay Completely

Chapter 517: Almighty Qin Turns Gay Completely

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The girl curled her lips into a smile, but didn’t think much of it. “I won’t be spiking him. I’m just going over to express my good feelings for him. It’s just having more fun while I’m still young, get it? Who knows, perhaps I might end up sleeping with him.”

Unable to stop her, her friend fell silent. There was no way to convince someone when their values were different.

That girl was really beautiful and looked very pure; she probably wasn’t too old.

Sometimes, men really liked this kind of girls very much.

This also boosted her confidence.

With a flushed face, she stood in front of Qin Mo, smiled and narrowed her eyes like a cat.

Qin Mo looked at her as the look in his eyes indicated bewilderment.

Upon seeing this, the girl directly grabbed Qin Mo’s collar, probably wanting to lean forward to kiss him. After all, she saw that he really desired something through his eyes.

However, little did she expect was that he wasn’t even giving her a chance to get close by directly taking a step back.

The girl paused for a moment, her watery eyes glimmering.

However, Qin Mo no longer had any intention of stopping. He turned his head to the side and said, “Deal with her.”

“Yes.” The manager in charge of the reception was really exasperated. These persons clearly knew that Young Master Qin didn’t like such advanced, but they had still done so deliberately.

The girl felt wronged, having not done a thing yet. She rushed over to hug Qin Mo’s waist. “Young Master Qin, I was wrong. Give me a chance. I only did that because I like you.”

The same softness was on his back.

But he felt no compulsion; he even felt an unspeakable sense of disgust.

This time, Qin Mo didn’t even maintain the most basic of etiquette. With his eyes turning cold, he said a single word, “Scram.”

“Young Master Qin…” The girl’s eyes were filled with streaks of tears. She refused to believe that any man could be so cold-blooded.

However, Qin Mo was just so cold-blooded.

Even when he glanced back at the Reception Manager, his eyes were still cold.

The manager knew that he had been negligent, so he hurriedly called for bouncers to throw her out.

This resulted in Jiang Zuo’s first sentence when he appeared to be a teasing one. “Seriously, these beauties. It’s okay to be coquettish to anyone, but they had to do it to you who is devoid of all emotions.”

Qin Mo didn’t speak. He took the bottle of red wine which Jiang Zuo had brought. He unplugged the already loose cork and poured it into the tall glass beside him.

Then he tipped his head, and downed the drink with a beautiful and quiet profile.

Very soon, Jiang Zuo noticed that something was wrong.

“What happened?”

Qin Mo’s dark eyes were unreadable. He just sat there languidly on the sofa and loosened his tie. “What are your thoughts if a boy is too beautiful?”

Jiang Zuo was clever, so the moment he heard that sentence, his fingers paused as he looked over to Qin Mo.

He had a hunch that what Qin Mo was about to say would become a secret only privy to the both of them.

“I want that guy. “Qin Mo turned his head, like a vampire nobility from the dark. “I really want him.”

Jiang Zuo’s worst fears came true, but he couldn’t help asking, “Is that guy Fu Jiu?”

“Is it very obvious?” Qin Mo lit up a cigarette, but the surrounding temperatures lowered by several degrees because of his words. “But that guy treats me very normally.”

Jiang Zuo stared at him with his mouth agape—at a loss for words.

However, Qin Mo was the only son of the Qin family.

Finally, after he had a drink, he finally found his voice. “But didn’t you say last time you were very clear about your feelings towards him? You said that you were just brothers, and you just regarded him as a younger brother…”