Chapter 519 - Z, You Are Still There, Right?

Chapter 519: Z, You Are Still There, Right?

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The masquerade party changed lots of things.

However, some didn’t notice any changes, to the point of being oblivious to whether the changes were positive or not.

Just like when Qin Mo was leaving, Jiang Zuo even added, “Think again carefully, perhaps everything will return to normal if you don’t contact each other after two days. Such a relationship shouldn’t be suitable for your circle. If you are only the heir of the Qin family, you can ignore everything and no one will pay attention to you, but you still want to participate in the competition, right?”

Qin Mo stood up and snuffed out his cigarette. “Get a room for me. I’ll be sleeping here tonight.”

Jiang Zuo was alarmed. Would he be breaking his multi-year record of not sleeping out?

“Do you need me to send a girl… or a boy to you?” Jiang Zuo suggested. Maybe diverting his attention would improve the situation.

Qin Mo only said one word, “Dirty.”

It seemed that the mysophobia of Young Master Qin still existed.

He felt reassured that way.

And it was very obvious that Qin Mo didn’t have any special thoughts about boys at all.

That was to say he didn’t turn gay.

It’s probably because they had too much interaction…

At this point in time, Jiang Zuo could only comfort himself and hope that there was still room for change.

This night, someone was doomed to suffer from insomnia.

In addition to Jiang Zuo who knew the secret, the other one was Feng Yi.

After Qin Mo left, Feng Yi reminded everyone that everything that happened today was a bonus their company was giving to their fans and hoped that no one would share it with others and treat it as a secret.

But in fact, keeping the information from leaking was unavoidable.

Fortunately, on the forum, only someone mentioned about “Almighty Qin kissing a mysterious succubus.”

No specific photos were posted, so it didn’t cause too much of a sensation.

But as a manager, he needed to pay close attention to such matters if it happened.

Furthermore, with Feng Yi knowing that the person who was kissed was Fu Jiu, even more so did he need to put an end to any information spreading.

He knew that the Internet was a double-edged sword.

These people just wanted to wholeheartedly compete in the competition.

They couldn’t be held back by some other factors.

Even if those factors included people who liked them crazily in the past, but later turned into anti-fans for some baffling reason.

Maybe it was time to set up a fan club for Spade Z.

He planned on asking Little Spade’s opinion at dawn.

He knew that certain things could be kept inside without the need of mentioning it.

He hoped that they could completely put behind the entire event regarding “female clothes.”

Because if anyone were to scrutinize it, the consequences would be unimaginable…

The night fell deeper outside.

After taking a bath, Fu Jiu removed her wig and returned to the beautiful youngster with a languid and dark feeling.

She put her one hand into her trouser pocket, dried her silvery gray hair with the other hand, and turned her eyes to look at the sweater and long trousers on the wooden chair.

She planned on sending them to the Almighty tomorrow and was bent on clearing up the misunderstanding regarding the kissing.

She expected that Almighty Qin’s mother was in and they could play Hero together to enliven the atmosphere.

With this in mind, Fu Jiu looked up and looked herself in the mirror. Her thin lips were still red, especially the top lip which had the feeling that it had been cut open from biting.

It was also really very dangerous today.

If it was not because of the kissing, Almighty Qin might have long discovered her secret.

In fact, there were no such silicon props…

Fu Jiu reached out her hands to touch her own softness, her eyes looking deep.

It was time to pick up the pace. The longer she stayed here, the more dangerous it would become…

With this in mind, Fu Jiu opened her laptop and did her daily tasks, which was to remodel an IP database.

However, on this day, an email suddenly appeared in her mailbox.

“Z, you are still there, right?”