Chapter 52 - Kept Flirting with the God

Chapter 52: Kept Flirting with the God

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As soon as she thought about this, all the gloominess disappeared, and she wasn’t so resentful about the lobsters in her arms anymore.

No matter how much money a god had cheated from her, she would earn just as much from him later… This was called justice!

At this moment, Qin Mo’s deep eyes were still fixated on those few text messages he received, mixed feelings in his eyes.

The young man didn’t even say a word about the thing that he believed the young man would mention…

COCO turned around and looked at him as he hesitatingly said, “It seems like Fu Jiu didn’t come to Captain for her family issues. It’s just unbelievable that he has changed so much overnight. Was he only acting to get close to Captain before? Maybe he knew that Captain liked a gentle personality before. But now, he feels that there’s no need to act anymore, so he is revealing his true self?”

Qin Mo looked at that blinking profile picture again with his cold eyes. “With a brain like his, can he have such great acting skills?”

Hearing that, the corner of COCO’s mouth twitched. Captain, even though Fu Jiu wasn’t so smart before, he has now improved. Maybe he really was acting.

However, if he was acting, there was no need to let them know that he was Spade Z.

With this in mind, he felt that he overestimated Spade Z’s observational prowess.

If he really was good at acting, Fu Jiu wouldn’t have made CEO want to kill him so badly by flirting with him like that.

So why was there such a huge change?

Was it because of a change in his family background?

COCO couldn’t figure it out.

“As long as he stays like this, there’s no need to care about him.” Qin Mo said and closed his eyes as if he were taking a nap. His black hair, which had just been ruffled, created a special air of messiness. He felt that something was left on his head, so he grabbed onto it uncomfortably.

COCO and Fatty froze when they heard his words.

Stay like this… stay like what… Like how he was flirting with CEO…

COCO lowered his head and bit the rabbit’s ear!

Captain is really spoiling that Spade Z!

That night, Chen Xiaodong was standing at the gate while looking around.

He was worried to death because Young Master didn’t reply to his messages except for one sentence: “He already knows it,” before hanging up.

Chen Xiaodong’s heart dropped with that sentence.

What did Young Master even mean by, ‘He already knows it ‘ ?

So Young Master Qin already knew that Young Master wants to sleep with him?

Young Master can’t come back safely anymore?!

Chen Xiaodong’s pupils shrank, and he stood up abruptly.

NO! He needed to do something. Maybe he could try and break into the military compound? The Qin family was likely in there!

As Chen Xiaodong was worriedly jumping up and down, Fu Jiu patted him on his shoulder from behind. “Why are you standing outside at night?”

“Young Master!” Chen Xiaodong’s eyes lit up. “You came back alive! Young Master, were you beaten up? It’s okay, you can tell me, I’ll go get you some medicine!”

Fu Jiu rubbed his temples when he heard that. “Why are you wishing for me to get beaten up every time!? Look closely, I don’t even have a single scratch on me!”

It was only then that Chen Xiaodong realized his Young Master was fine, and that handsome face was even glowing with a light flush, seemingly well-fed. And he was also holding on to two live Australian lobsters?

Chen Xiaodong curiously reached his hand out. “Young Master, where did you get these?” They were even alive