Chapter 520 - Hoshino

Chapter 520: Hoshino

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Fu Jiu’s typing fingers came to a pause.

A hacker always had many mailboxes.

But hers were unknown to everyone, except… Hoshino.

Fu Jiu could now confirm that the person she had seen at the regional competition, was not just having a striking resemblance, but more possibly actually him.

By changing her IP, the mailbox would change as well. And in it, was another e-mail.

Fu Jiu moved her gaze slightly, and logged in with the IP automatically.

Only then did she realize that a third of her mailbox had the same e-mail.

There were almost one thousand e-mails in one third of her mailboxes.

One thousand… Fu Jiu sat in front of the computer and closed her eyes before opening them again. It’s not the right time yet.

She had to wait until the National League was over.

Fu Jiu lifted her head to look at the calendar on the wall. There was still half a month left.

There was still half a month until everything here ended.

Yet, it wouldn’t be calm at all.

The night was getting darker.

Wu Zhen lay on the bed, tossing and turning and completely unable to fall asleep.

As long as she closed her eyes, the scene of Qin Mo kissing that woman would appear in her mind.

Who was that woman?

Others might not understand Qin Mo, but it didn’t mean she didn’t.

She had liked him for so many years, having almost watched his every movement.

Never had he cared about the rules of the company.

The more she thought about the incident, the more she felt something amiss. Furthermore, she attributed her emotions of failing to get what she wanted to the person who had been kissed.

Maybe she should check her background.

Wu Zhen narrowed her eyes and sat straight, then she called her colleague.

“Hey, you are in charge of the security of the hotel in the suburbs outside of the southern city, right? N… nothing. I attended a party today, and felt that the security was inadequate. I wish to take a look at the monitoring. Well, okay, I will go with you tomorrow.”

Wu Zhen was a police officer, and her profession did convenience her at times.

The next day, she changed out of her plain clothes into a police uniform and came to the hotel where the masquerade party was held yesterday with her colleague.

It was normal for the police to check that such things were in order at the end of the year, so be it the hotel or Wu Zhen’s colleague, none of them felt that there was anything wrong with Wu Zhen’s behavior.

And the hotel was very cooperative. As soon as the manager heard that there were latent security issues, he led them straight to the surveillance room.

Yet the security guard in charge were puzzled. Why were there so many people who wanted to check the footage from yesterday?

But people were born with the nature to avoid danger. They typically wouldn’t mention such trivialities when seeing people in uniforms.

So they didn’t take the initiative to say that Young Master Qin had seen the footage, preventing Wu Zhen from ever knowing.

But there was one peculiarity that stood out. When they rewound to the footage from yesterday, all of it was gone.

“What? You can’t find it?” Wu Zhen asked from the side.

The two security guards looked at each other and said cautiously, “The surveillance machines seem to be broken.”

“Broken?” Wu Zhen frowned. “Why can a working surveillance machine be broken?”

“We are not clear either…” The security guessed and said, “it may be a system error.”

Failing to achieve her goal, Wu Zhen’s face turned cold. “It’s your job. How do you not know?”

The security guards fell silent…

When her colleague saw her acting this way, he lowered his voice and said, “It’s just a routine inspection. Nothing happened and the surveillance machine broke. We just need to tell them to be more cautious. Or is it possible that there’s something else you are looking into?”