Chapter 521 - Hacker Z??

Chapter 521: Hacker Z??

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Wu Zhen shook her head. Of course, she couldn’t tell her colleague why she was visiting the hotel to check the surveillance.

That colleague had a good relationship with her, so even though he had noticed something odd, he said nothing.

After all, compared to them, Wu Zhen was way too outstanding in her usual duties. It was recently rumored she would be promoted.

“Things haven’t been all too calm recently,” the colleague smiled and said. “It’s normal that you are worried. I heard that the people of the head office said that a cyber hacker has shown up again after disappearing for half a year. Now, the higher-ups are all saying to be cautious. Because that person used to be active in the United States, but it appears, he has come to our country.”

Upon hearing what her colleague said, Wu Zhen lifted up her eyes suddenly. “Is the cyber hacker you are referring to called Z?”

“I don’t know the details.” Her colleague shook her head and said, “These things are confidential, so you will need to ask the higher-ups.”

After receiving the answer, the first thing Wu Zhen did when she returned to the police office was to apply to be transferred to the major crime department.

The police chief’s last name was Huang and he had a big potbelly. He was good at bureaucracy. “Quick, Miss Wu, please have a seat. I’ve seen your application, but you know clearly we become really busy when things heat up. We need to work day and night. Once we encounter a case, we don’t even have time to sleep. I’m worried that you can’t handle the intensity of the job.”

Wu Zhen looked at him and said with an unpleasant voice, “Chief Huang, that person worked here back then too. He was of even loftier status than me. Why won’t you worried that he couldn’t handle the intensity of the job?”

Chief Huang had the urge to say: “Can it be the same? He is a talent. As for you… I’ll still have to pander and take care of you. Besides, you aren’t really here because you like my squad, right?”

Wu Zhen was also smart, and with faint voice, she said. “If you allow my transfer, I will bring that person here too.”

As soon as Chief Huang heard the sentence, his fingers which were holding a teacup paused. Then, he said smilingly, “That’s impossible. He no longer touches any case.”

“It depends on who says it and how it’s said.” Wu Zhen was pretty confident about this.

Chief Huang was not a person who would never burn bridges. Although he was fat, his eyes revealed a shrewdness. “In this case, then Little Wu, invite our most powerful criminal psychologist expert in China back. If he returns, our major crime department will hold a welcome party for the both of you.”

“There’s no need for a welcome party. Chief Huang, you know how he is.” Wu Zhen smiled. “But there’s one thing.”

Chief Huang lifted up his eyebrows. “Say it.”

“I heard some news. It seems that some places have suffered from cyberattacks recently. For these series of cyberattacks, is the culprit Z who he wanted to catch back then?” The Wu Family was engaged in business, so Wu Zhen knew clearly how to do an exchange.

After Chief Huang heard the question, the smile on his face finally disappeared. “Who told you this?”

“Chief Huang, you don’t need to care how I know of it. Just tell me, yes or no?”

Chief Huang put down his teacup and put his hands in front of his chest. “Yes, our initial suspect is him, considering the modus operandi he employs.”

“Modus operandi?” Wu Zhen pricked her eyebrows up. “I am asking, how did you determine that it was him?”

Chief Huang didn’t answer.

Wu Zhen smiled. “To let that person come back, there’s a need for a case that can pique his interest.”

“There was a message left after this round of cyberattacks.” Chief Huang thought for a moment and pulled open the drawer with his fingers. He took out a photo inside and handed it to Wu Zhen.

Wu Zhen received the photo, only to see one sentence: “I’m back.”

It was signed off with Z.