Chapter 522 - Continuing to Find the Almighty Qin to Take Make-up Lessons

Chapter 522: Continuing to Find the Almighty Qin to Take Make-up Lessons

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At noon, mild sunlight came bearing down.

There was a commotion in school.

For Fu Jiu, school life was all about having test after test.

After the new year, there was a end-of-semester exam.

That was a pain that stabbed at the hearts of every senior high school student.

But it was also a good excuse to seek out Almighty Qin.

She could continue getting Almighty Qin to help her guess the sort of questions which might appear on the exams.

But Fu Jiu was different from what she used to be.

Just making a cool pose such as cracking her neck would instantly have pictures on the forum.

“Ahhhhh, my Great Spade is so handsome!”

“He was biting the pen there and looking so serious working on the problems.”

“Someone also said my Great Spade can climb walls. Strongly requesting for his wall-climbing pictures.”

“I suggest that everyone should just crowd around No.1 Middle School, and when he climbs over the wall, we can take photos!”

“Well, I won’t be taking up that challenge. I’m a cook. I am preparing to apply to be the cook for No.1 Middle School’s canteen. I will give two plates of whatever Great Spade wants. He needs to eat more to grow out that body!”


For some unknown reason, perhaps it had to do with how someone had dug out the episode when Fu Jiu protected He Honghua and the words she said standing in front of the school gates, but it caused some middle-aged women to turn into fans.

Of course, among these aunties, they included… Movie Queen An.

“Look, look, the photo of my baby is posted on the forums again. This angle is… so handsome!” Movie Queen An held the mobile phone as she showed it to Qin Mo who was sitting beside her. “Doesn’t he resembled the cat you reared before? It’s hard to think that my Jiu is so obedient at school. The way he lowers his head to write is so cute. He must be good at his studies.”

Qin Mo put down his chopsticks and took out a napkin to wipe his hand. His smile turned cold. “Obedient? Good at studies?” That guy’s physics scores are so unspeakably bad that it’s something you would probably never know.

“Yeah, so obedient, handsome, and cute.” Movie Queen An looked at the photo and then looked at her son’s handsome and cold face. “His the son of my dreams, and I’ve been trying to guide you towards such a style, but who knows… Sigh. But it’s okay. It’s the same now since I have Jiu. He is so fair and clean.”

When Secretary Liang nearby heard this sentence, he pretended to be busy and lifted his head to look at the sky.

Qin Mo was about to say something when the mobile phone in his pocket sounded.

It was a long-awaited WeChat message.

“Brother Mo, is it convenient to revise for my final exams at your place?”

Qin Mo looked at the screen and recalled what Jiang Zuo had said. Then he put the mobile phone back into his pocket.

Secretary Liang noticed that his CEO Qin was a little absent-minded.

This absent-mindedness lasted for an hour until the Group Meeting.

He just stood behind Qin Mo, watching his CEO Qin picking up and putting down his mobile phone seven times.

Then the slender fingers slid on the screen and he replied with one word, “Convenient.”

When Fu Jiu received the WeChat message, she was standing at the entrance to the school’s supermarket. She was chewing on a lollipop with one hand in her trouser pocket and the other typing something. Her silver hair cascaded, revealing only a tiny portion of her side profile.

“Did you hear about that?”


“That person from Class A was called to the office again by Teacher Hao.”

“Her grades recently went down sharply, so it’s normal that Teacher Hao called for her.”

“But I have a nagging feeling that something’s wrong…”

When Fu Jiu heard the conversation, without realizing what she was doing, she lowered her phone and turned around to look at the group of girls…