Chapter 523 - Fu Jiu Takes Action

Chapter 523: Fu Jiu Takes Action

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Xue Yaoyao had come to the supermarket with Fu Jiu. The lollipop was a treat from Xue Yaoyao, so she came out later as she needed to foot the bill.

However, it was obvious that Xue Yaoyao had overheard the conversation.

She lifted her eyes and looked at Fu Jiu and hesitated. “In fact, Highness Jiu, there’s one thing I need your help with.”

“Say it.” Fu Jiu took the lollipop out and threw it into the dustbin for it didn’t taste right.

Xue Yaoyao lifted her eyes. “I know the Class A student they were mentioning. I used to be in Class A, too. She has been under a lot of pressure at school. Her family is different from us and her mother is very concerned about her grades. But lately, I keep having the nagging feeling that something happened to her. She told me that she’s afraid to come to school.”

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrows and her eyes flashed. “Continue.”

Xue Yaoyao replied, “Yeah, that teacher likes to have talks with her without caring about her feelings each and every time. But even so I don’t think she would… think of committing suicide, right?”

Fu Jiu suddenly stopped walking. “Suicide?”

“Maybe saying suicide is a little too serious. I mean she seems to be having some psychological problems lately. She always sends WeChat message to me late at night, saying that she doesn’t want to live anymore.” Holding the cell phone she bought recently, Xue Yaoyao’s face was filled with worry. “I understand her feelings very well. If… if you hadn’t shown up back then, I might not be that brave or be who I am now.”

Fu Jiu interrupted her. “Yaoyao, you should believe that people are what they are. Your nature is there, deep in you. Even without me, you will be you through other means. But your friend is a little strange. Can you show me your chat records?”

“Okay!” Xue Yaoyao slid to unlock the mobile phone immediately. “Some of it pertains to her privacy, but these aren’t.”

Looking at the conversation on the screen, the light in Fu Jiu’s eyes dimmed.

Xue Yaoyao smiled bitterly. “She used to tell me everything. But now she seems to think that I have betrayed her and wouldn’t show her care. I can understand her feelings of loneliness and helplessness.

Even if some people had many friends around them, there would be times when they required a hug or had everything they knew destroyed after experiencing certain matters.

For instance, there were certain things that could not be understood by others no matter how much explanation was given.

As a result, they ended up not talking about it.

And the more they did that, the more silent they became.

The more silent, the more despair they felt, until they could not see if there was an outlet at all.

Fu Jiu turned her head to the side when she saw those words. She said in a light voice, “Yaoyao, do you know?”

“What?” Xue Yaoyao was confused as she looked back.

Looking at her, Fu Jiu said. “Only those who live in the dark can better understand how the people living in the dark think.”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t understand, but at that moment.

She felt that the youngster before her was different.

But she could not tell what the difference was exactly.

After the lunch break.

Fu Jiu didn’t head back to the classroom.

Nobody knew where she went.

At the end of the long corridor were the individual offices of the teachers.

The youngster slowly walked straight with hands in her trousers, as if unconcerned that there were surveillance cameras around.

The office door was ajar.

A faint voice could be heard from inside.

“As long as you promise me, I guarantee you that I’ll help you raise your grades.”