Chapter 524 - Fu Jiu Takes Action 2

Chapter 524: Fu Jiu Takes Action 2

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“Teacher, I’m can’t do it. Please, don’t make me call my parents here again. I really have been studying hard.”

“Silly child, it’s not about studying now. You know what I mean.”

Fu Jiu stopped, and there was only darkness left in her eyes.

She couldn’t make a direct appearance, so with a kick of her skateboard—

It slammed heavily into the door!

“Who?! Who’s there?” A middle-aged man came out, as if afraid of being discovered as he looked around frantically.

Fu Jiu obviously didn’t allow him to see her. She held her back straight to the war as the glimmer in her eyes turned faint.

But when the girl saw the skateboard, she raised her head suddenly and looked towards that corner of the corridor.

Is it… Fu Jiu?

The middle-aged teacher squinted his eyes. “Apparently, today isn’t the best day to continue discussing this. Return to class first. As for other matters, let me advise you not to talk nonsense in front of others. Otherwise, you clearly know what are the consequences. Students should study hard, speak less, and the most important thing is not to slander others. I should prepare for my lessons. You may leave now.”

“Yes.” The girl held her report card and her fingers were trembling as she walked.

When she saw the person behind the wall, her eyes widened suddenly.

“Why aren’t you going?” the teacher behind her asked.

The girl saw the radiant youngster pressing his finger to his lips and gestured to hush her.

That teacher pricked up his eyebrows. “Li Mengran?”

“Nothing, Teacher. I just wanted to say that I’ve remembered all that you have said. “Li Mengran turned round and forced herself to smile.

When she did that, the teacher did not walk out. “I know you are a clever child.”


It’s more like cowardice and weakness.

Li Mengran clenched her fists tightly and walked, pretending like everything was fine.

That teacher also turned his head and closed the door to his office.

At this moment, Fu Jiu walked out, lowered her eyes to look at the girl with reddish eyes in front of her, and handed her a lollipop. She had a faint smile across her lips. “Are you in a bad mood? Sorry, I lost control of the skateboard which bumped into something that it shouldn’t have.”

Li Mengran knew that the youngster was helping her out.

She believed that no one in No.1 Middle School didn’t know Fu Jiu. He was the prince who skateboarded through campus.

He was free and easy, handsome, and gentle, like the light.

No matter how stupid Li Mengran was, she knew that it was impossible for the skateboard to go out of control.

But it was what the youngster heard that made him help her.

But it was too difficult for her to voice out such matters.

Li Mengran clenched her hands, and after a long time, she said, “I didn’t do it and I’m unwilling either.”

“I believe you,” the youngster said the three words without any hesitation almost instantly.

That was nothing.

But more shocking was the next sentence—

“It must be hard on you to fend all of these off yourself, right?”

Li Mengran’s feelings were indescribable when she heard that.

It had gone on for far too long, for nearly thirty full days.

Those days felt like years to her.

Mr. Yang knew that she was weak and cowardly in nature and attached great importance to her grades, so he had always been like this.

She didn’t know how to express such matters to others.

She was even afraid that people would make nasty remarks when she blew the whistle. “Look, someone is even seducing a teacher when her grades aren’t good.”

She was too afraid for such slanderous gossip.

Those vaporous rumors was more hurtful than actual weapons.

Therefore, she did not dare speak out.

She did not dare not to say anything.