Chapter 525 - Untitled

Chapter 525: Untitled

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It wasn’t that Li Mengran had never thought of confiding with her mother.

But in her mother’s eyes, grades were the most important.

Although their family was good, it was still of the worker-class.

It seemed like children were always compared in her mother’s circle.

Especially during the new year, they were first be compared by their looks and after that, sensibility. Of course, grades were the most important.

She had just been promoted to her sophomore year, but she was already expected to enter the best universities in the country. The pressure left her stifled.

But she could overcome all these.

The one thing she couldn’t overcome was the look of resignation which her mother gave her when a group of aunties were discussing grades.

After every gathering, her mother would wear a sour face.

Though she wouldn’t direct her anger at her, she would not speak to her while driving.

Therefore, Li Mengran did not dare inform her mother about the matter.

It was because her mother had always claimed that Teacher Yang was a good teacher who would take the initiative to call to suggest additional make-up lessons for her. She kept exhorting her to work hard and get good grades at the end-of-semester examinations before she would bring her to the seaside for a vacation.

Li Mengran knew the so-called “make-up lessons” were absolutely not the way her mother understood them to be.

She was afraid; so when the day came, she would switch off her phone and not head to the place where the “make-up lessons” were held.

After three successive acts of “disobedience,” her mother stopped her one day. “What the hell do you want? Is it so hard for you to study?”

Li Mengran explained, “No, I just think Teacher Yang…”

“I am really disappointed with you.”

Her mother was also a intellectual, so she never got anger.

But it was by acting this way that made it impossible for Li Mengran to say anything.

This method had been weighing on her heart all this while.

It couldn’t be said to anyone, and all she could do was stay in her room, hugging her legs, and leaning against the wall, hoping to disappear.

Because only when she disappeared would she not need to face all these problems.

Yet, the sun would still rise on the second day.

“Make-up lessons” became her most profound fear.

When Fu Jiu heard what Li Mengran had said, her eyes wavered slightly. She couldn’t help but reach out her hand to pull the girl into an embrace.

That hug felt as if she owed something greatly.

No one knew who Fu Jiu owed.

Only sher herself knew.

If she had been one step quicker back then, that lively girl who enjoyed lying on her back would not have departed.

Despite being a friend, she only considered her identity as Hacker Z. She did many things for others, but failed to protect the people around her.

However… it would never happen again.

Fu Jiu deepened her eyes.

After she sent Li Mengran back, she raised her mobile phone and took a look. There was still the message which Almighty Qin had sent her.

She always believed that the most dangerous place was the safest place.

For matters relating to network intrusion, all she needed was three minutes from Almighty Qin since no one would imagine that it would be done from a military compound.

She could then do it without a trace.

“I am coming now, is it convenient?”

Fu Jiu thought that other than taking action, the most important thing was that she wanted to see Almighty Qin.

Because, only when she saw that man could she suppress her surging foulness.

She couldn’t lose herself to darkness.

But now, as soon as she closed her eyes, the Christmas card she left at home would appear in her mind.

The handwriting on it was clear and cute, like the face in her memories.


Do you think I wouldn’t know that you are Z?

You did a good job.

Be like this, always.

Don’t look back.

Don’t think about anyone.

Continue down this path happily.

Also, I’m very blessed to have a friend like you.

She said, “Z, you mustn’t lose yourself to darkness.”