Chapter 527 - This is the True Return of Z

Chapter 527: This is the True Return of Z

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Eventually, Fu Jiu successfully sent that teacher to jail.

To her surprise, in just a short span of three years, that person had shown up in front of her again.

Obviously, that teacher had forgotten all about her.

He changed his name and continued living a good life.

Fu Jiu witnessed him becoming a home tutori again with his family connections.

For the first time, she questioned herself—what was right and what was wrong?

In the prime of her best friend’s life, she had suffered the worst situation.

Why would some women said that it was her fault? Why didn’t that teacher find someone else; why did he target a little girl?

As for that trash of a human?

Famous home tutor?

On that day.

Fu Jiu put her textbooks down and turned on the laptop which she hadn’t touched for three years after returning home.

Z—was back!

She began to realize that things were not as good as they seemed to be.

It was because different people had different moral values.

It had nothing to do with age and status.

Some could still live a good life after committing crimes.

It wasn’t as if they would lose anything.

Even if they did, they wouldn’t lose too much.

Debasement is the password of the base!

Since he didn’t get the punishment he deserved, she shall be the arbiter.

She was destined to be an anti-hero.

From that day on, she began truly putting on a disguise.

In the day, she acted no different from ordinary people, eating instant noodles and playing games.

At night, she would transform into Z, punishing those who deserved punishment.

Fu Jiu lowered her eyes.

She planned on recovering her identity after the National League.

But this case was special.

She had to deal with it.

Since Hoshino was here, it was time for them to continue their work.

Fu Jiu’s eyes flashed.

It was still the same spot where she had climbed over the school walls.

While the guards were directing school traffic and acting like they were the most important people in the world, Fu Jiu raised her long leg onto a tree branch, and used her left hand to hold onto the wall. With a forceful leap, she flipped over the wall.

Her series of actions were handsome and beautiful.

When that middle-aged man who was selling sweet potatoes on the road saw her, he instantly recalled. “Young man, you must be a national gymnast, right?

Fu Jiu wasn’t in the mood for chatting. She went to the middle of the road and grabbed a cab.

She sat in the back.

When the driver saw that his passenger was a high-school student with a school bag on his back, he pricked his eyebrows and said, “School isn’t over yet, right?”

Fu Jiu took out the laptop she designed herself and replied indifferently, “Truant.”

The driver shook his head and as he drove, he heard tapping sounds from the back, ones that resembled keyboard strokes.

Did he hear it right?

That thing in youngster’s hand was clearly a book?

Curiosity killed the cat, and the driver was no exception. While stopping at a red light, he turned his head to discover that it was indeed a laptop. He could not help but exclaim, “Technology is amazing nowadays! To think that it can be in this form factor.”

Fu Jiu tersely acknowledged as her fingers flew across the keyboard.

Rows and rows of code were streaming down the screen.

That driver laughed again. “You must be playing games, aren’t you? My boy loves playing games too, but he uses his phone usually. I think he plays some game called Hero all day. He even says that it’s filled with primary school students and quite lame.”

“Indeed.” Fu Jiu’s words and posture convinced the driver that she was only playing games.

Following that, the driver didn’t’ say another word.

At that moment, a black picture appeared on the screen, like it was signaling the true beginning of something—Z.