Chapter 528 - Almighty’s Hug of Fu Jiu

Chapter 528: Almighty’s Hug of Fu Jiu

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A mailbox that had gone silent half a year ago was reactivated.

However, this was a special mailbox since the two of them didn’t talk to each other directly.

And Fu Jiu never left any specific contact info like she used to do.

Once the emails Fu Jiu sent were received and read, they were deleted automatically.

On the busy highway, a normal everyday taxi flew by.

A silver-hair youngster was on the back seat, his fingers moving, making crisp tapping sounds on the keyboard. “Yes, I’m still here.”

Such a short sentence popped on the screen all of a sudden with special effects.

Furthermore, it was the kind of black font which would vanish moments after they appeared.

Everything about the message screamed that the person who had replied him was Z.

Hoshino came to a pause. He was still on the high-speed rail, and the only thing in his amber eyes was the screen before him.

And then, he laughed slowly.

That smile made the girl sitting right next to him unable to stop her racing heart.

He looked too handsome, like a celebrity who had just walked right out from a television.

And he wore differently from most men did.

He matched a uniformed color sweater with a metal-rimmed glasses, making him look fresh and clean.

He knew that it was impossible for that person to leave.

Hoshino wasn’t the kind of person who would urge Z to tell him her location, for he knew very well that Z would allow him to appear at a appropriate place if she needed him.

Therefore, he wasn’t in a hurry.

Hoshino took another look at the screen. By the time he looked up, he was a completely different person from before.

He had been planning to look for her by heading south.

However, he alighted at the next stop and took the return trip on the high-speed rail.

There were so many people in China that nobody would notice his transfer midway.

The weather was getting colder.

Taxis were not allowed in the military compound, so so Fu Jiu alighted at the gate without a fuss. With a school bag slinging over one of her shoulders, she kept her left hand in her pocket and looked down to use her phone. “Brother Mo, I’m here.”

There was no reply.

Fu Jiu thought nothing of it either.

When the soldiers on duty saw Qin Mo receive his guest in person, they saluted him with their right hand from afar. It was a solid military salute.

Fu Jiu looked up upon hearing the commotion.

He wasn’t wearing a coat and and he donned a tie to match his white shirt; his handsomeness and asceticism seemed out of place of a military compound.

“Open the gates and let him in.”

Qin Mo sounded sullen.

After saying that, he added, “There’s no need to keep him out if you see him in the future.”

The two sentry soldiers exchanged looks before saluting again. “Yes, Sir!”

At that moment, Qin Mo cast his gaze to the youngster in a school uniform. “What are you standing there for?”

In order to hide her emotions, she laughed out. “I need a victory hug from Brother Mo, in memory of my second climbing of a wall successfully.”

A hug?

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows.

He didn’t care if the youngster was just making a passing remark as he walked over with widened steps.

He reached out with one arm and pulled her into his arms.

Fu Jiu paused. For real?

Qin Mo placed his hand on the youngster’s back, curled his lips, and said, “Why, you don’t dare to bear the consequences of flirting?”

Indeed, whenever she saw the Almighty, he would always have the means to dispel her unhappiness.

Fu Jiu couldn’t have her chest too close to Qin Mo.

It was just that the familiar scent was like a towering mountain that made her feel peace.

But the Almighty wasn’t that adorable when he talked.

“Wall-climbing scholar, where’s your physics textbook?”