Chapter 529 - Physics Was An Excuse, I Wanted To See You

Chapter 529: Physics Was An Excuse, I Wanted To See You

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Physics textbook…

“Brother Mo, can you not mention this when we are hugging?” Fu Jiu pouted her pale lips. “I feel dizzy.”

Qin Mo looked at the youngster, said slowly, “Then what do you plan to have me use to tutor you and spot questions?”

When Fu Jiu heard that, she suddenly recalled that she was here to get the Almighty to spot exam questions for her. It was just that the developments made her choose not to head back to the classroom and she left with a laptop.

Qin Mo seeing no response from him, lifted his eyebrows.

Fu Jiu simply laughed and said, “In fact, that was not the point, I just wanted to see you, physics was just an excuse.”

After hearing this, Qin Mo’s fingers paused and lifted his eye corners slightly.

The two soldiers by the side tried extremely hard to maintain their serious appearance, but still looked over uncontrollably.

After all these words possessed quite a large amount of damage.

Fu Jiu continued laughing. “If you don’t believe me, I will go back and get it now.”

“No need.” Qin Mo looked at the youngster again, changed his tone and said, “Makes no difference if you have your book or not, you can’t understand it anyways.”

Fu Jiu admitted that the Almighty was right, but to be so honest all the times would chase away his friends soon!

Seeing no response from Fu Jiu, Qin Mo added, “Stay since you are already here. It’s not like yours is the only Physics textbook in the world.”

It was obvious that he was indicating that Fu Jiu was to follow him in.

Fu Jiu was smart enough and smiled. “Thank you, Brother Mo.”

Secretary Liang, who was standing close by, saw everything.

Their CEO put an important meeting to tomorrow morning for tutoring young master Jiu.

It would be odd if one didn’t let their thoughts run wild with this information in mind.

Most importantly, Fu Jiu didn’t even bring his Physics book.

Are you sure you are here for tutoring and not a date?

No, he couldn’t have such thoughts.

Madam was home.

And, since when did Madam see Young Master Jiu as her godson!?

Since Madam started to dress herself some time ago, she had already asked multiple times about when when her Fu Jiu was coming.

Her… Her Fu Jiu?

Secretary Liang didn’t expect Madam to be a Spade Z fan.

In the afternoon, Madam had begun playing games on the phone, getting him to play with her, claiming that she needed more practice before her Jiu came.

He had said, “Sorry, Madam, I don’t play Hero.”

Madam looked at him in shock. “You don’t?”

Then, she shook her head. “How stupid.”

Secretary Liang: “…” The feeling of being mocked by a goddess for his intelligence…

Young Master Jiu, why the hell did you get the Madam to play Hero!?

Movie Queen An felt different now.

As soon as she knew Fu Jiu was coming, she sat on the sofa instead of going out shopping. Although she acted elegantly while drinking tea, her eyes kept looking outside.

“Speaking of which, my Mo’er doesn’t seem to be in a good mood the past two days. Would he have scared my Jiu away with that scary face of his?”

Movie Queen An turned to Auntie Zhang.

Auntie Zhang had seen Fu Jiu before and had a good impression of him. “Young Master Jiu is not a superficial person. He definitely wouldn’t mind Young Master’s attitude.”

“You’re right.” Movie Queen An looked even more beautiful when she smiled.

In fact, how could the reason why she liked Fu Jiu this much be because of her ability to carry her in games? At the end of the day, it was because Fu Jiu had changed her son, making him exude the feeling of being in love…