Chapter 53 - Logging In to Flirt with the Almighty

Chapter 53: Logging In to Flirt with the Almighty

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Jiang City wasn’t close to the sea, so a pair of Australian lobsters like these would be very expensive even when dead, let alone alive.

Didn’t Young Master run out of money recently?

How could he afford these?

“Almighty Qin gave them to me,” Fu Jiu said and she threw the lobsters into his arms. “Find a water bucket and ask Auntie Lin to keep them. Cook them for Mum when she’s back.”

Qin! Lobsters from Young Master Qin!

Chen Xiaodong’s eyes shot wide open. He felt like the things in his hands weighed a thousand pounds!

Young Master and Young Master Qin were close enough for gifts already?

It was true that one would experience miracles if he lived long enough!

When Young Master expressed his affection towards Young Master Qin for the first time, Young Master Qin nearly got him beaten to death with a single hand gesture.

Now, he surprisingly gave Young Master gifts?!

But wasn’t giving lobsters as a gift… a little weird?

Almighty Qin’s world wasn’t something that mortals like him could ever understand!

“Hold on, Young Master, where are you going?” Chen Xiaodong, who watched Fu Jiu go upstairs, couldn’t help but ask.

Before Fu Jiu closed the door on him, she said, “Logging in to flirt with the Almighty.”


Both Chen Xiaodong and Auntie Lin, who just walked out, thought that their Young Master had been possessed!

For the sake of a man, she had really started playing games like crazy, to the point where she even forgot about sleeping and eating.

But they clearly knew their Young Master best. He didn’t even know how to manipulate the characters in the game. When Madam first started her company, they knew that their Young Master was bad at online games.

Yet a scion like this could surprisingly hook up with Almighty Qin.

It had to be said that sometimes, people can only be astounded when someone encounters a stroke of luck.

Auntie Lin didn’t cook those lobsters. When she heard that they were gifts from Young Master Qin, she didn’t dare touch them. She only placed them in a small wooden barrel, put some seaweed into it, and took it upstairs to Fu Jiu’s room to let her keep as pets.

Fu Jiu came out from the shower and saw those two happy lobsters waving their claws at her. She picked one up, looked at it, then took a picture of it. She sent it to Qin Mo. “I’m using my new pet to wake Almighty Qin up.”

The picture was taken with her body turned aside. She didn’t even notice that her messy hair and collar bone were showing in the picture when she sent it.

Qin Mo swiped his phone open, glanced at that picture, and saw the young man’s fair delicate skin and his collar bones. His eyes paused, and he texted back with his eyebrows knitted together, sounding a bit cold, “Don’t send pictures like this anymore.”

Pictures like this?

What was wrong with the picture she sent… Fu Jiu looked at the thing in her hands. What was wrong with a lobster?

And it was Almighty Qin who gave it to her himself…

Forget it, they still needed to get down to business.

“Are you logging in?” Fu Jiu sent a voice message while turning to the side to switch the computer on.

Qin Mo held the phone to his ear and heard the loud noise from her computer.This guy was using such a lame computer for gaming?

“Wait for me at the Death Bridge.”

Fu Jiu, of course, wouldn’t reject. She swiftly logged in with her account, chose a character, and sent it over to Death Bridge.


Something was sent over.

Your friend Qin Mo sent you 999999 in-game gold coins. Do you accept?

It wasn’t just this; there was more.

Another message came in right after.

Your friend Qin Mo sent you 999999 neon diamonds. Do you accept?