Chapter 530 - Homework

Chapter 530: Homework

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What they worried most was also the problem of Qin Mo.

They were afraid that he kept everything to himself and grew more and more indifferent and distant.

When that happened, no one would understand what he was thinking…

That child was indifferent to others from childhood. And after that incident, it added a veil in the gap between him and others.

Recently, Movie Queen An felt an obvious change to her son.

Although she still didn’t know what he was thinking, he finally became a little normal.

As Movie Queen An was having such thoughts, Aunt Zhang said, “Madam, Young Master Jiu has come.”

Upon hearing that, Movie Queen An did not sit there anymore. She stood up and walked toward the hallway.

Fu Jiu did not expect to be treated so enthusiastically by Movie Queen An.

For example.

“Come, have some cake. You must be very hungry after finishing your homework.”

Fu Jiu was really a person who ate whatever she was given.

But homework… was that some meme?

She never did homework.

So after she swallowed the cake, she asked, “Homework?”

“Yes. Homework.” As she spoke, Movie Queen An showed a picture she stored in her phone. “Look! How serious you were with your homework.”

Fu Jiu was too embarrassed to tell her that she was writing programming code because she couldn’t stand paying attention to her physics class.

But it didn’t matter. Writing code was also a form of work for her.

Fu Jiu had received the cake without any qualms.

But one thing was odd… why did Movie Queen An have a photo of her in class?

Qin Mo saw the youngster scratching his head and knew certainly that he was not doing any homework at the time. He loosened his tie slowly. “My mom is your fan. She’s been praising you since morning, saying how hard you study and take classes seriously. As a wall-climbing scholar, Lord Jiu, you shouldn’t let my mom down. So please do your homework later.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

The way the Almighty dealt his cards were truly surprisingly shameless.

Despite knowing that she didn’t like doing homework, he continued making things difficult for her.

Luckily, Movie Queen An was gentler and kinder. “The child is out of school now. Why do you have to make him do homework? Eat more and I will get Aunt Zhang to brew some soup for you. What would you like? I’ll get Aunt Zhang make them for you tonight.”

Fu Jiu chuckled. “I’m okay with anything. I’m not picky with food.”

Movie Queen An was nice; she was completely different from Almighty Qin.

It seemed that even despite their mother-son relationship, there were difference in their genes.

However, if it was before she would have definitely refused the suggestion of her doing homework and continue the topic that Movie Queen An had raised.

But this time it was different.

She needed some time to do something.

So Fu Jiu turned her head and said. “Homework still needs to be done since I have to hand it in tomorrow. I will first work on it and ask for Brother Mo’s help later regarding those questions I have problems with.”

After hearing that, Movie Queen An suddenly felt that her Jiu was leading such a tough life. He couldn’t even eat a cake in peace with his mind on his homework.

Instead, Qin Mo raised his eyebrow. The hand which he had used to raise the teacup was placed back down.

Then he stood up and said in a light voice, “Follow me to the study.”

“Okay.” Fu Jiu picked up her bag and followed Qin Mo.

When he pushed open the door, he made a passing remark. “I noticed that you seem to be especially enthusiastic about your studies today.”

Fu Jiu hooked up her lips. “I just wanted to leave a good impression with Movie Queen An. After all, I’m your friend.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo took another look at the youngster.

“Yes,” Fu Jiu replied calmly.