Chapter 531 - Z Never Leaves Traces

Chapter 531: Z Never Leaves Traces

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Qin Mo threw the key onto the wooden table, looked back, and said, “Do you believe these words you just said? You aren’t here to do homework? Come here.”

Fu Jiu curled up her thin lips.

She realized that Almighty Qin still regarded her as a younger brother.

Then yesterday’s kiss probably didn’t matter.

Otherwise, Almighty Qin would not have continued to indulge her in this such a way.

“Don’t touch anything.” Qin Mo pointed to the documents to the side, turned around, and put the ringing phone to his ear. “Hello, the project in East City…”

Fu Jiu couldn’t hear the details of the conversation, but it was likely work-related.

This phone was a very timely opportunity for her.

It took five minutes to set up virtual IP database, and by making a bypass, directly lock onto the target.

Such a plan would be faster than using hundreds of computers in Internet cafes to make a screening selection.

But there was one thing—she needed a very good firewall to conceal her actions.

This was also why Fu Jiu had chosen the military compound to carry out her actions.

Because there were certainly some defensive measures on the network here that were not available in other places.

In the quiet study there was nothing but a flurry of tapping keyboard sounds.

Fu Jiu sat on a wooden chair, her wispy silver hair drooping down as her fingertips flew across the keyboard without any intention to pause.

The more cautious a person as, the more likely they would install some antivirus software in their computers.

Though it needed some time to crack the antivirus software, it wasn’t too much trouble.

Fu Jiu looked sideways and chewed on a lollipop, then whispered, “One, two…”

When she counted up to three, the person’s screen immediately showed up on her screen.

It wasn’t nothing impressive to use counter antivirus software to operate the person’s computer remotely.

But rather after finding out what she was looking for, she needed to make a quick retreat and wipe any records.

At this moment, Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes and it was obvious that she was in a race for time.

However, analyzing data also required the use of code to automatically parse the them.

It was ultimately not safe here.

If it was not for her need to gain faster access to information, she wouldn’t have chosen to take action here.

Fu Jiu watched the progress bar on the screen while keeping an eye out for Almighty Qin coming in, and also paid attention to the time.

If she didn’t make a retreat quickly at the specified time, it would leave traces.

Z never left traces when she did something.


The progress bar finally indicated completion!

But at that time, the door of the study was pushed open suddenly.

Fu Jiu’s back paused, but her fingers didn’t stop. She didn’t make any sounds and instead, used a hand to press ‘Enter,’ while smiling lightly and looking up.

Luckily it was Movie Queen An.

However, even if it was Movie Queen An, she couldn’t let her find what she was doing.

Fu Jiu moved her fingertips, and started the self-destruction virus.

The self-destruction virus not only infected the computer she had infiltrated, but even her own computer would be infected.

Even if there were any investigations in the future, her computer would not be regarded as the source of the attack.

But it was very obvious that the self-destruction virus needed time to run.

So Fu Jiu pressed the key ALT and then stood up naturally. “Auntie?”

Movie Queen An chuckled and walked forward…

“Which subject’s homework are you working on?”

“Why don’t I carry you on Hero, Auntie.”

The two sentences were almost simultaneous.

When Movie Queen An heard this, she came to a halt immediately. “Sure, but let’s not play in the study, because the atmosphere isn’t right. Let’s go to the living room. You can do your homework later.”

“Okay.” When Fu Jiu finished saying that, the computer screen facing away from Movie Queen An showed two words: “Cloning Complete.”