Chapter 532 - Successful Hunting

Chapter 532: Successful Hunting

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The self-destruct program had activated successfully.

At the same time, in the teachers’ office in No.1 Middle School, Teacher Yang was chatting with others with his computer on. He was unsure what was happening with his notebook, either.

In the beginning, his computer did not respond to any of his typing.

There was already a dialog box on the screen, and there were things he couldn’t understand scrolling through it.

He even couldn’t restart it.

It felt like… like his computer was controlled by someone else.

Then, the screen in front of him turned blue.

It was useless no matter how much he hit the notebook. He couldn’t help but curse loudly, “What a crappy machine.”

All the information in his computer had been instantaneously copied into the flash drive which was inserted into Fu Jiu’s laptop.

In the Qin Family’s study, Fu Jiu did a sleight of hand, attempting to pull out the flash drive.

Movie Queen An spoke again. “In the movies that we often acted in, the most important scenes always happen in the study. It seems like it’s not without reason.”

Fu Jiu’s fingers paused.

Looking at the back of the youngster, Movie Queen An said smilingly, “Well, even if you were typing instead of playing games, I will not tell Qin Mo. He is someone with a cold temper, and regards everyone else as fools. People of the Qin Family are all like this. They are science and engineering bullies who just aren’t very likable. When you do a question wrongly, he will even prick his eyebrows up and say that he didn’t expect you to get such a simple question wrong…”

“Almighty Qin is just like that.” Fu Jiu pulled out flash drive quickly and hid it in her palm. She said smilingly, “Auntie, please help me keep it a secret.”

As soon as she stopped speaking, Aunt Zhang came in and said to Movie Queen An, “Madam, Miss Wu is here. She’s in the living room now.”

“Zhen? Why would she be here?” Movie Queen An was puzzled.

Fu Jiu’s used the hand behind her to close the laptop which was disguised as a notebook with a slight force.

The sleight of hand was done without anyone noticing.

Yet Movie Queen An was smart too. She had quickly figured out that her posture from before was a result of typing.

It looked like she was fated to waste a laptop.

But none of these mattered.

Her ultimate goal was to obtain the teacher’s data.

In the living room, Qin Mo had already hung up. With single hand in his trouser pocket, he stood there with a vacant look.

The person standing opposite him was no one else but Wu Zhen.

When Fu Jiu saw that face, she lifted up her eyebrows.

Perhaps Wu Zhen couldn’t recognize her, but she still remembered her.

She was the one at the masquerade party who requested her to give up the dance opportunity.

The only difference today was that Wu Zhen wasn’t in military uniform; instead, she was wearing a police uniform with an epaulet on her shoulder.

Ordinary people wouldn’t usually dress like this.

Therefore, at first glance, Fu Jiu had guessed her identity.

Police—the profession she had made contact with the most in her previous life.

It was also the kind of people she would always attempt to immediately avoid.

Wu Zhen appeared surprise to see someone else in the Qin Family. She originally was about to say something, but when she saw Fu Jiu, she paused suddenly and then smiled. “Auntie An, who is this?”

“Jiu, Qin Mo’s best friend.” Movie Queen An lifted up the corners of her mouth. “Look at that surprised face of yours. Can’t someone come to our Qin Family?” Wu Zhen was quick to admit it. “Yea, it’s really unimaginable that Brother Qin would bring someone home.”

“Jiu is different,” Movie Queen An said happily with a pretty, elegant posture.

Never had Wu Zhen seen her Auntie An like someone so much.

Even she was never thought so highly of.

From the looks of it, this person is indeed different.