Chapter 533 - The Police Needs You

Chapter 533: The Police Needs You

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Wu Zhen looked in Fu Jiu’s direction again.

Her first reaction was that this youngster was overly fair-skinned for a boy, especially those foxy eyes which had her black iris clearly separated from the whites. She felt as though she had seen those somewhere.

But Wu Zhen was sure she had never met this person.

If she did, she would have remembered.

For he was too outstandingly handsome to be forgotten.

Qin Mo noticed Wu Zhen’s eyes and turned over his body, blocking the youngster’s face perfectly—a mystery if it was done purposely or not—and spoke sullenly, “Are you done with your homework?”

This question was for Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu curled her thin lips. “Of course.” To a certain extent, she had finished her “homework.”

Wu Zhen was surprised to learn that that man would actually care about someone else’s homework?

In fact, Wu Zhen was young, too.

She had been best at everything, no matter school work or boyfriends.

Therefore, once she locked onto her target, she knew what she wanted for her career, so it was easy to join the police considering her family connections.

Back then…

Brother Mo had never asked if she had finished her homework or not.

Wu Zhen pricked her eyebrows up, suddenly remembering where she had seen this youngster.

That picture on the official Weibo page.

That picture of the two of them.

And he was one of them.

That picture was reposted a million times, saying this was an official couple.

Wu Zhen remembered how she thought it was all bullshit when she saw that picture.

She didn’t believe that anybody was special to Brother Mo.

But today, after seeing youngster, she realized that Fu Jiu must be special enough to gain an invitation to his house.

But being a couple… is a little too much.

Those people really have too much imagination.

They probably never imagined that people might not be willing to be coupled up based on their whims.

But, there was another situation—she questioned the youngster’s purpose for approaching Brother Mo.

It was too soon to tell.

She wasn’t familiar with esports circle and she was not one of them.

Likewise, Brother Mo shouldn’t have been one of them, either.

So, she came over to get him back on track.

“Brother Mo, the police needs you.”

Wu Zhen continued where she had left off, but lowered her voice this time. She didn’t let anyone else other than Qin Mo know about this.

Movie Queen An knew that they had business to talk about, so she brought Fu Jiu to another sofa.

“Come, Jiu, let them talk. Let’s play Hero.”

Fu Jiu’s mind wasn’t on the game.

She knew that those two were heading to the study.

Although that laptop had been disabled, it was still on the desk.

If the policewoman sees it… Fu Jiu’s hands paused, but she didn’t immediately react.

This was because if she reacted at that moment, it would only draw unnecessary attention towards her.

She recalled how Almighty didn’t let her touch anything when she was in the study.

Then, the laptop would probably be fine as Wu Zhen wouldn’t be snooping around.

Fu Jiu adjusted her mental state and began moving her fingers. On the surface, she was playing games with Movie Queen An, but actually, she was using her left ear to sense for any sounds, never moving her attention away from the duo.

Wu Zhen saw that Qin Mo wasn’t moving, his face as distinguished as always, she wasn’t sure if she just wanted Brother Mo back on the team to crack cases or simply to be with him.

But no matter what the reason was, Wu Zhen used her ace in the hole after a moment of silence!