Chapter 534 - Almighty’s Test

Chapter 534: Almighty’s Test

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“Two days ago Yellow Team got a very important case, a rare case in China, he would leave an advanced notice before each case…”

Advanced notice?

Qin Mo looked up with those deep eyes after hearing this.

However, Wu Zhen didn’t notice that the youngster who was sitting over there playing games, pause his fingers simultaneously.

Wu Zhen’s eyes were trained on Qin Mo. “A month ago, he acted for the first time; he exposed someone’s crime online, and the next morning, that person fell from the roof, police determined it as suicide due to a lack of evidences. The IP which was released during the advance notice was a fake one. Nobody managed to locate his exact location, but that’s not the point, the point is this picture.”

Wu Zhen handed the picture to Qin Mo as she was saying, “There was one sentence written on it: ‘I’m back. — Z’. 

At that instant—

Nobody noticed that the youngster’s eyes instantly narrowed when she heard that sentence.

Fu Jiu even forgot to swipe the game character on the screen.

I’m back. — Z?

She knew better than anyone that it wasn’t left by Z.

After all, she… was Z.

A month ago, she was still embroiled with the whole Fu family affair.

How could she handle such cases?

Then here came the question.

Who was the one trying to pass of as her?

It wasn’t an exaggeration calling the person an imposter.

First, the person did everything in her style.

And then, this message….

Fu Jiu pricked up her eyebrows. Is someone trying to stir up trouble?

“Ah!” Movie Queen An shouted, “Jiu, why didn’t you return to the tower. You were standing there getting beaten all this time and died!”

This exclamation… not only snapped Fu Jiu back to attention, but it also caught Qin Mo’s attention as he looked over.

And right after that…

Qin Mo walked over and looked at youngster’s phone screen, sounding indifferent and careless. “Why were you distracted?”

With this guy’s hand speed, how could he die in an amateur 5v5 game like this?

He had never died once while competing professionally.

Fu Jiu knew that if she couldn’t think of a reason, she would suffer suspicion.

She simply stood up and looked over, put her thin lips next to Qin Mo’s left ears, and acted mysteriously. “Brother Mo, don’t tell me your police friend recognized me from dancing with you last night?”

The youngster’s fragrant breath hit him at that most sensitive area again.

Qin Mo’s gaze sullened as he tightened his fingers tightened. He straightened the guy’s posture, lifted his eyebrows slightly. “You were worrying about this?”

“Yeah, who wouldn’t.” Fu Jiu laughed. “I didn’t know policewomen are this pretty nowadays.”

Qin Mo bent over, a mystery if he did it on purpose, but his sounded deep. “You seem to have a thing against the police.”

“Very.” On this, Fu Jiu was being honest. After all, the Almighty had noticed this a long time ago, so hiding it now would only make it appear problematic.

Qin Mo looked at youngster again, stood up straight, and put his hand in his pocket. “Don’t worry, she won’t know it was you last night.”

“Good.” Fu Jiu winked. “Then you two continue being intimate with each other, I will focus on playing Hero with Auntie.”

The warmth accumulated in Qin Mo’s eyes faded little by little upon hearing that…