Chapter 535 - Pulled into Bed by the Almighty

Chapter 535: Pulled into Bed by the Almighty

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You two continue being intimate?

Qin Mo really wanted to ask this guy how the hell he read it bas them being intimate.

Qin Mo wasn’t a fan of being misjudged.

Since he was not happy, he pulled the back of the youngster’s collar. “No more games, let’s talk about physics.”

It had been a while since Fu Jiu felt like she was being picked up like a grocery bag in a long while.

From the looks of it, the Almighty was pissed with her again.

Auntie Zhang saw from the side and turned anxious. “Young Master!”

Movie Queen An was rather calm about it. “Leave them be, Auntie Zhang. Only close friends would act like this.”

Wu Zhen laughed as well.

But in fact, she was not happy on the inside.

She originally believed that by divulging the matter regarding Z, Bother Mo’s attention would be all over on her.

How did it turn this way?

Wu Zhen looked over and saw the two figures who were physically so close to each other.

Since when was there something more important than cracking a case in Brother Mo’s eyes?

But even so, after hearing the name “Z,” Brother Mo still reacted strongly, and didn’t refuse her proposal absolutely.

Now that they had guests, it wasn’t a good time to talk about such matters in detail.

Wu Zhen believed that he would return to the team.

It was just a matter of time…

On the other side.

Qin Mo didn’t lead Fu Jiu to the study, but to the bedroom directly.

He closed the door with a loud bang.

He threw Fu Jiu into bed directly, then put his arm next to the youngster’s ear. The vibes he exuded felt dangerous, as he pinched Fu Jiu’s chin hardly with his fingers. “This is called being intimate, get it?”

Fu Jiu felt that it wasn’t suitable for her to advance in this position of her being at the bottom while the Almighty was on top. Even his breaths hit on her the lips as he talked. There was no way she could fight back, therefore she simply chose to surrender. “Totally!”

However, Qin Mo didn’t get up immediately.

He moved his eyes to those lips.

Fu Jiu once again realized that the two of them were too close.

Even though he was still a “boy.”


The Almighty suddenly interrupted her thoughts by saying, “You still haven’t recovered?”

Before Fu Jiu could speak, she suddenly felt a coolness on her lips.

It was different from being touched by someone else’s fingers.

Fu Jiu felt how that the finger glided across her lips to the outer area, making her feel uncomfortable.

She turned her head and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

Qin Mo watched her actions and stood up from the bed with the support of his arm. “Wait for me here. More nonsense, and I will bite those lips of yours so hard that they won’t heal for a month.”

Fu Jiu didn’t notice the hidden meaning initially. She pricked her brows and looked cool and rebelliously handsome.

Only when the Almighty left the room did she finally realize.

Her mouth turned agape as she and pulled the cotton covers towards her.

She had lost to a round of sophistry for some baffling reason.

But… who was the one passing off as her?

The light in Fu Jiu’s eyes darkened.

From today’s incident, she finally confirmed the Almighty’s identity.

Being a criminal psychologist expert was only secondary.

The main point was that he had helped the police on more than one occasion.

Fu Jiu had a feeling that Almighty was very likely a key case solver in China’s major crime department. Furthermore, he had once cracked important cases.

If that was true, she was in real trouble…