Chapter 536 - Wanting to Know More About Fu Jiu

Chapter 536: Wanting to Know More About Fu Jiu

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Before Fu Jiu was reborn in this body, she had heard about the major crime department in China back in Fifth Avenue.

Rumor had it that they cracked cases really quickly.

No matter how difficult the cases were, they would find the criminal within ten days.

And the criminals who wanted to escape from the long arm of the law would be imprisoned even if they had strong social connections.

That was the legend of that major crime department.

However, this wasn’t all there was to the legend.

The most important element in all the legends was one person on the squad.

He did not have a position but was just assisting.

So nobody knew what his identity was exactly.

However, the reason why they could solve each case so quickly and nab the criminal was all because of this person.

Only then did Fu Jiu recall.

Apparently all of that was describing the Almighty.

Three years ago, he was still a high school student.

If it had been him, he had already become a legend.

Then… how capable was the present him?

From her take of the Almighty’s attitude, he had a certain obsession with all the cases that involved her.

Fu Jiu didn’t know if Qin Mo would take the offer to work with that policewoman again.

She had witnessed how good the Almighty was at capturing others.

She was truly worried.

The Almighty’s logic was flawless, and even she wasn’t sure if she could hide the truth from him with her disguise.

Fu Jiu looked up at the gloomy sky outside.

You never want to be enemies with certain people.

Fu Jiu also knew well inside that she was challenging someone’s authority by doing what she did.

That was why she was wanted by them.

But the Almighty was different.

He wanted the truth…

Fu Jiu knew very well that if things continued like this, Qin Mo would one day discover everything.

Therefore, she couldn’t wait any longer for this case.

She had to admit that even though she didn’t know the purpose of the imposter, such actions placed her in a dangerous situation.

After Fu Jiu heard this news, the only thought in her head was—not a friend.

However, she had no time to deal with that yet.

The most important thing now was the information on the flash drive.

In order to make that human trash get the punishment he deserved, she needed to find something useful from it.

But this time, she needed a further disguise from last time.

Otherwise, she would be targeted by the Almighty.

Fu Jiu laid in bed silently for five minutes like that, her eyes closed. When she opened them up again and thought of a comprehensive strategy, she realized that Qin Mo wasn’t back, so she opened the door and went downstairs.

That policewoman was still there, trying to get some information on her from Movie Queen An. “So Fu Jiu is the Fu family’s scion. He is nothing like what people say he is. He’s quite polite and nothing like the rumors. But he’s so close with Brother Mo. How did they meet?”

Movie Queen An put her phone down and smiled. “Zhen, since when you did become interested in such things?”

Wu Zhen paused and smiled. “It’s rare to see Brother Mo being so close to someone, I’m happy for him, so I just want to know what kind of person Fu Jiu is.”

“You can only know a person after spending time with him.” Movie Queen An acted like a fangirl again. “But my Jiu doesn’t need that. He’s good-looking, good at his studies, and most importantly, very filial. He eats whatever I feed him with, and he play games with me too. He’s excellent. There’s no need to even explain the rest.”