Chapter 537 - Almighty Qin's Suspicion (1)

Chapter 537: Almighty Qin’s Suspicion (1)

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Wu Zhen was a little at a loss on how to continue the conversation. She originally thought that Auntie An would know a little bit more based on her character. Yet, her attitude surprised her. She knew that it was inappropriate to continue asking; after all, asking so much about a person she had never met before would upset Auntie An. Therefore, she stopped asking further and chuckled. “Auntie An is right. Spending time with others and what’s most important for a person is to have a good character.”

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrow after she heard this. From the looks of it, the policewoman wasn’t dumb. But even so, the reason she was finding more about her was obvious. Logically speaking, she wouldn’t be this interested in her if she had not recognized her at last night’s party—unless it was for something else.

No matter what it was, Fu Jiu didn’t like others to be snooping on her. She needed to be careful with this policewoman, for the more she wasn’t clear of the reasons, the more instabilities it would result in her plans. Besides, she was a policewoman.

Fu Jiu didn’t walk over while thinking about this. Instead, she stood at the stairwell and began looking for the Almighty.

When Auntie Zhang saw Fu Jiu coming down, she said delightfully with a fruit plate in hand, “Young Master Jiu is here too. Here, have some fruits. These are all Madam’s favorite.”

“Thanks, Auntie Zhang.” Fu Jiu placed a slice of orange into her mouth and looked at the conversing duo. She asked in a light voice, “Auntie Zhang, where is Brother Mo?”

“Young Master…” Auntie Zhang looked back. “Young Master asked something from Madam just now and he’s probably now in his study to get a book.”

Study? Fu Jiu’s hand paused and immediately walked straight to the study. Her footsteps appeared steady but they were very fast. If the Almighty discovered that she had brought a laptop, he would definitely suspect something.

I hope I’ll be in time. As Fu Jiu had such thoughts, she pushed the study door open, and there he was. Qin Mo was seated at the desk right in front of her.

His face was beautiful as always, but with one more thing in his hand—her disguised laptop.

Qin Mo looked up upon hearing the door as he looked over nonchalantly.

Fu Jiu couldn’t figure out what was he thinking about with that look, but she never left traces. Even though she had been interrupted by Movie Queen An, she had managed to activate the self-destructing program. That meant that even if the Almighty thought of something, he wouldn’t be able to see the secrets inside.

Even so, it would be better if Almighty didn’t notice the laptop…

But obviously Almighty had not only sensed something, he had even lifted the miniature laptop with his finger. He sounded indifferent. “What do you use this for usually during classes?”

Fu Jiu chuckled. “Play games and do some research. Sometimes, I’ll browse hacker forums.” Fu Jiu told the truth, except for one thing. This was the reason why she brought her laptop even when attending classes—she needed to be able to launch an Internet attack anytime, anywhere.

Qin Mo retracted his hand and looked at the youngster who was standing by the door. His eyes deepened. “I never asked you, when did you find out that you had the ability to be a hacker?”

Fu Jiu knew very well that the Almighty wouldn’t ask her such a question without a reason. In fact, Auntie had long suspected the change in her personality, not to mention her actions.