Chapter 538 - Almighty Qin's Suspicion (2)

Chapter 538: Almighty Qin’s Suspicion (2)

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Almighty knew little about the original master of this body, but he felt something was different which resulted in him asking many questions in the beginning to test her. Furthermore, he had been very strict with her…

Fu Jiu knew all of that; therefore, claiming that she recently gained hacking abilities was not possible. However, if she claimed to possess such abilities in the past, it would require her to make up a whole other story for it.

Fu Jiu had her hand in the pocket as she walked closer. “It started probably when I just started middle school and they had just kicked my mom out of the company, and that mistress successfully stopped my dad from coming home. Everyone knew that my mom had lost all of her power, and my status as Young Master Fu was uncertain. And at that time, I read a post on the forum about teaching people to decode a virus program. It wasn’t very complicated, but it still surprised me how easy it was for me to learn it. All I did was make an attempt and I managed to crack all the antivirus programs at the Internet cafe. Ever since, I was intrigued by such things, and after I mastered the usage of Internet, I decided to use it against that family, help my mom get her company back. I was too young to be allowed into big Internet cafes except the small ones. Later, I learned that what I did were against the law. Therefore, I decided to go to nightclubs instead, showing up in front of people in another way, as a form of self-protection. That’s also why I’m so resistant to that policewomen.”

There was indeed nothing wrong with the time periods she mentioned.

Qin Mo had gotten someone to investigate the youngster previously.

This was because he had suspected the youngster’s hacker techniques…

From middle school, the youngster had undergone quite significant change.

And it was also from that time that he became more obsessed with men and decadent.

Fu Jiu paused. “In fact, the reason why I got into this has to do with a person I admired back then. That person is the hacker who posted the thread regarding the cracking of virus programs. Her codename was…”

“Her codename was Z.” Qin Mo interrupted Fu Jiu, stood up from his chair, and at the youngster with unreadable thoughts.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. “Brother Mo, how do you know?”

“Your game ID is Spade Z; it’s not so hard to guess.” Qin Mo didn’t tell the youngster that everything had to do with Z’s modus operandi.

Fu Jiu smiled faintly. “Just blame it on my chuunibyou syndrome, but that person didn’t post any more technical posts after that. I only learned a little, but I did hear a lot from people in that circle that the person was different. She only showed up when there’s a major case, and she helped the police crack a lot of them. However, the police have been trying to arrest her all this time. It’s quite weird if you think of it. Brother Mo, why doesn’t the police keep watching her?”

Qin Mo looked at the youngster, with his dark eyes, his low, deep voice sounded up like a poet. “Whoever fights with monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster in the process. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.”

Fu Jiu’s hand paused in her pocket, but she did not stop smiling. “Brother Mo, why do you scholars always talk like this? Thankfully, I’m still quite good when it comes to literature and have read some books beyond the curriculum, but I do carry a different opinion on Nietzsche’s words. Even if that person becomes a monster, she wouldn’t hurt anyone. If she were to one day lose control of herself, perhaps she’d rather kill herself… what say you?”