Chapter 539 - Giving Out Sweets, Giving Out Sweets...

Chapter 539: Giving Out Sweets, Giving Out Sweets…

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“I’m no philosopher, or Z, so I’ve no idea what she would do when she reaches that step.” Qin Mo threw a look at the youngster. “Alright, people who are in their rebellious years are not suitable for such talks. Come over.”

Once again, Fu Jiu felt that she was being viewed contemptuously by the Almighty because of her status as a high school student. Even topics depended on age?

And, when could he stop talking about her rebellious years?

Fu Jiu didn’t move.

Honestly, she always wanted to know why the Almighty was at her heels so persistently? Was it because he thought of her as someone bad?

Qin Mo frowned when he saw the youngster in his place. Using some strength, he lifted the youngster’s chin with his hand.

“What?” Fu Jiu took one step back.

Qin Mo pulled her back in directly. “Stay and don’t move.”

It was only then that Fu Jiu saw what the Almighty was holding in his hand—a light-colored lip balm.

“No way, Brother Mo, you use such things?”

She believed that the Almighty was so straight that he was unlike gay men who would maintain their skin’s and lips’ hydration. Therefore, they had skin care products which were in no way lesser than what girls had. Furthermore, they were very selective on the brands.

“Brother Mo, I had no idea that you someone like this.”

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows, said slowly. “Stop your crazy imagination. This lip balm belongs to your number one fan, Madam An.”

“Movie Queen An?” Fu Jiu tilted her head and rejected in a very manly manner. “There’s no need; it’s too girly.”

Qin Mo pinched her chin again. “It’s colorless. You find this girly? Then why don’t you find yourself girly when I tell you to exercise?”

“I have abs, too.” Fu Jiu acted like she was gonna lift her clothes.

This time, to her surprise, Almighty Qin didn’t stop her at all.

He stood there with a half smile on, as though giving her full permission.

Fu Jiu obviously didn’t mean it, so she gave up, looked up, and said coolly. “Just a little, anymore and I’ll be recognized by that policewoman; it’d be so embarrassing.”

“Kids in their rebellious years care about their image usually.” Qin Mo looked down and his fingers touched those nicely-shaped thin lips.

Fu Jiu felt the coldness of his fingertips again. It brought about an itchy feeling which wasn’t obviously, as though she had been touched by a feather.

With that breathtaking face in front of her eyes, straight nose bridge, deep eyes, solid features, one had to admit that his handsomeness was surreal.

“Brother Mo, are you of mixed blood?”

Qin Mo acknowledged tersely, “Yeah, my grandpa is a foreign Chinese.”

“No wonder.” Babies with mixed blood are usually very handsome.

Qin Mo bent over. “Raise your chin, open your mouth.”

The two of them were separated by a hair.

And precisely because they were so close, the posture they were in felt overly intimate.

And with that familiar tobacco scent hitting her lips, Fu Jiu couldn’t help but say, “Brother Mo, I can actually apply lip balm by myself. I can make it so that it looks a lighter color.”

Qin Mo ignored what the youngster and applied the lip balm from the middle to the edges. “Don’t worry about color, or the policewoman. With me here, nobody would touch you.”

Fu Jiu wanted to say that that wasn’t the problem. Besides, doesn’t he think that they are too close?

The pose they were in looked like they were gonna kiss…