Chapter 54 - Almighty Said, This Is a Gay Meetup Gift

Chapter 54: Almighty Said, This Is a Gay Meetup Gift

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Your friend sent you 999999 in-game gold coins again. Do you accept?

999999 in-game coins?

They cost 9999 RMB in real money, not to mention those expensive neon diamonds. They were too rare to get even if one had money.

What was the Almighty doing…

As smart as our Fu Jiu was, she didn’t know what the other party was thinking about right now.

“Accept them.” Qin Mo said and added, “Gay meetup gifts.”

Fu Jiu: …

Almighty, which gay meetup guide taught you this!

Why does it feel like he’s giving an engagement gift?

Where can you find someone who straight up gives money to an in-game friend?

This animal was rich and scheming. Fu Jiu couldn’t tell if she was lucky or unlucky to have met him.

She thought about it, but didn’t click accept.

She did take the diamonds though. She could create a smurf [1. In online gaming, a smurf is an experienced player who uses a new account to deceive other players into thinking he’s a noob (newbie).] and grind it up to make weapons for two accounts.

“Weren’t you short of cash?”

Almighty Qin was just as astounding as people described him. He talked coldly, arrogantly, and straightforwardly.

Fu Jiu unwrapped a lollipop and hooked up a smile. “I am, but Almighty, if you keep sending me money like this, I would mistakenly think that you want to make me your sugar-baby.”

Qin Mo’s fingers on the mouse tightened, and he laughed very, very coldly, “Give back the diamonds you just received.”

“I need them.” Fu Jiu held the lollipop in her mouth and crossed her legs as she quickly replied, “Almighty Qin, I talk honestly with you because I treat you like my bro. Don’t be so stingy; you are a man, so how can you take back what you’ve already given? I took a job, so let’s go raid the dungeon. Be good.”

Qin Mo’s deep eyes looked at that sentence on the screen, especially the phrase “be good” at the end. His whole body was exuding a suppressive chill, making Secretary Liang, who came to report, automatically back away.

What’s wrong with the CEO?

Why did he suddenly turn murderous!?

Then, he saw his CEO raise his hands and pound on the keyboard hard, “Shut up and begin the raid.”

Qin Mo never held any expectations for Fu Jiu. What can you expect from a hog but a grunt?

He did everything for the sake of Spade Z.

He would let him get away with it.

Qin Mo told himself that again.

Fu Jiu sent a head-scratching emoji. “Diamonds can make weapons for us, what do you want?”

Slowly, Qin Mo got used to the way this fellow spoke and replied plainly, “I don’t care.”

“Okay then, I will figure it out later.” Fu Jiu said and put her headphones on. “I’m inviting you to join the team.”


As soon as Qin Mo said that, the background in the game changed.

The gentle colored small bridges, waters, and blossoming peach flowers were gone.

They came to an ancient tomb.

There were four more players at the entrance of the tomb.

Some of them had hired Spade Z before.

They knew Spade Z’s battle power well, and they were originally going to open the gate, but they heard Spade Z brought a friend to join in the attack.

At first, they thought that attacking the tomb with too many players wasn’t good. They needed to split the weapons, and if that person was bad with controls, they might lose the FC (First Clear).

But when they saw the friend that Spade Z brought along…

They froze up one after another!

Al-Al-Al-Al-… Almighty Qin!!!

How was this even possible!

It must be some counterfeit version trying to take on jobs by using Almighty Qin’s name!

Once we see his profile and level, we will find something suspi… suspicious… WTF, there’s nothing suspicious at all!!!