Chapter 540 - Almighty Qin Sent Sweets to Z

Chapter 540: Almighty Qin Sent Sweets to Z

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As soon as she thought about the word “kiss,” Fu Jiu wanted to move away subconsciously.

It was an unknown if her actions were seen through by the Almighty, but at that moment, Qin Mo spoke up very softly, “I’ve investigated Z before.”

“Oh?” Fu Jiu tried hard to act surprised. “You did?”

Qin Mo knocked the youngster on the head. “Listen, don’t move, you will cause it to smear.”

Fu Jiu: … Why is it so sad being your younger brother?

“She is physically in the US.” Qin Mo didn’t mention the experiences of the past as he rubbed the youngster’s lips. While doing so, his eyes looked really dark. “If you want me to give a reason why I’m after her, it’s probably because I wish to meet this worthy but rare opponent.”

Fu Jiu: … You really view Almighty Qin like a normal person.

“Her modus operandi is not bad, and her style of doing things is also interesting. But it seems she went too far back then and lost control.” Qin Mo sounded indifferent. “It’s for this reason that someone needs to tell her not to fall onto the wrong path.”

Fu Jiu didn’t expect such an answer. “Wrong path?”

“It would be such a pity for a great opponent to turn into a monster.”

He ended the sentence so casually, but it left Fu Jiu pause.

Does that mean that the Almighty had gone to Fifth Avenue back then to save her?

Perhaps in this world, no one else knows about your situation better than your rivals.

So, she was his rival?

Fu Jiu chuckled involuntarily.

That was a very, very long time ago.

As she had said before, the Almighty was the most righteous person she’d ever met.

His moral values were even more perfect than his face.

Justice was his surname and evilness couldn’t get near him.

Despite working with the police, he had completely opposite opinions as the police.

He was never a stick in the mud, but he knew responsibility well.

Many westerners saw the Great Wall of China as a symbol of China’s greatness

But Fu Jiu felt that it was not the Great Wall that stopped intruders from invading, but the strong soldiers on that defense line who never left their stations.

All she could see was beauty from the Almighty’s body.

That noble, grand firmness left one envious.

“If you keep looking at me like that, I might interpret it as you wanting me to kiss you.” Qin Mo pulled on the youngster’s collar, and lowered his body, causing their lips to have a gap of only a few centimeters. His eyes were so dark.

Fu Jiu recalled the unpleasant kiss from before, and sternly stood her ground. “I was just a little blown away by your handsomeness, and have absolutely no intention of taking advantage of you.”

Qin Mo stared at that fair, nearly transparent face, his breath slipping past the youngster’s ear. “Is that so?”

“Brother Mo, you have to trust me.” Fu Jiu felt the Almighty was extra dangerous today. As she rubbed her ear tip as it was excessively itchy, she said, “I will inform you ahead a time if I want to.”

Qin Mo retracted his hand when he saw the youngster acting this way.

He knew that he couldn’t act too obvious when dealing with someone like him.

Furthermore, after he got back that day, he had been reading books on this.

To turn someone gay, it needed to be taken slow.

Perhaps the youngster really didn’t want to take advantage of him.

But he was constantly thinking about making this person his.

Just moments ago, when he was rubbing those thin lips, he even wanted to kiss them so badly…

He even wanted to strip off the youngster’s clothes and release all of his desires…