Chapter 541 - Gay Conversion

Chapter 541: Gay Conversion

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Regardless of Fu Jiu’s intelligence, she wasn’t able to guess Qin Mo’s thoughts.

Especially when the Almighty radiated a restrained yet noble air as he did in this moment.

If the scene had been captured by somebody, it would seem as though Fu Jiu was the one seducing Almighty Qin, rather than the Almighty attempting to kiss Fu Jiu.

Because appearance wise, Fu Jiu did resemble a bewitching devil.

But even up to this moment, she wasn’t entirely sure whether the Almighty had believed her words or not. Hence, she had to pay more attention to the situation.

Qin Mo hadn’t told the youngster though that he was certain the laptop had been used.

He had noticed before that the base of the laptop still had traces of warmth, which meant that someone had just been using it a while ago.

It was obvious who had used it, even though the laptop couldn’t be switched on any longer.

“What circumstances could have led a hacker to intentionally destroy his own laptop?” Qin Mo speculated. He then opened his eyes, glancing over at the youngster’s retreating back. “What exactly is he trying to hide this time?” he thought.

“He won’t stay here for long,” he reminded himself before following him to the dining area.

Both Movie Queen An and Wu Zhen were already there.

Wu Zhen was chatting with Movie Queen An, who enjoyed having guests over at her place and thus had even invited her to stay for dinner.

She had not objected her suggestion. In fact, she had chosen to arrive at this very hour in order to spend more time with that person.

To her surprise, however, there was an additional person at the dining table.

This made the atmosphere completely surreal.

Qin Mo sat on the right side of Fu Jiu and was dressed in a pure white sweater, his dark wispy hair falling downwards, emitting a restrained but charismatic demeanor. Just his deep gaze had hints of an almost undetectable warmth while he gazed at Fu Jiu.

As Wu Zhen looked at the pair, she saw something she had never witnessed before.

Movie Queen An sat across Fu Jiu on the other side of the table.

Ever since the first dish was served, her chopsticks had never stopped placing food on the youngster’s plate. “Jiu, try this wrapped meat. It’s really good!”

“Alright.” Fu Jiu was the kind of person who ate everything she was served. Her dashing face was then fully stuffed, her cheeks resembling an adorable, well-fed hamster. But such a handsome hamster was indeed a rare sight.

Qin Mo’s lips arched into a charming smile. Feeding the youngster gave him a sense of comical entertainment.

Fu Jiu noticed the endless supply of food, which was continuously placed on her plate.

She gave up on stopping Movie Queen An.

But why was the Almighty joining in as well?!

The moment she cleared her plate, it would immediately be filled up with all sorts of delicacies.

Are they treating her as a pig?

Witnessing this scene, Wu Zhen tightened her fingers around the bamboo chopsticks before her lips curved into a smile as she spoke, “The Nationals are in a few days right? Your actions would most definitely send the fans into a frenzy. To them, just the presence of you and Qin Mo would already be a gratifying sight.”

Movie Queen An seemed delighted by her words. “They are indeed compatible with their dashing looks. Once the Nationals are over, I’m going to kidnap Jiu. He will then become my companion for a month and I will boast to everyone that he is my godson.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

She never knew that Movie Queen An enjoyed flaunting her ‘godson’ in such a manner.

“Auntie An, why don’t you target the Almighty instead, his kind is more popular amongst the ladies.”

Movie Queen An lowered her voice. “I tried in the past, but I can’t…”

“Mom,” Qin Mo interrupted her midway, “the next time you intend to poach someone, don’t do it in front of me, the Team Captain. Otherwise, I would be forced to restrict your interaction with the members of my team, and that includes carrying you in Hero.”

Movie Queen An glanced at her son, flushed red, and seemed to prepare her complaints for her husband to hear later.

Qin Mo then pulled the well-fed youngster upstairs because he wanted to start on the youngster’s so called ‘physics lesson’, which masked his intent for a gay conversion…