Chapter 542 - The Next Time Z Was Active

Chapter 542: The Next Time Z Was Active

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That’s right, Qin Mo’s intention hadn’t been pure as he allowed Fu Jiu into his home.

Although giving up had once crossed his mind, he still couldn’t come to terms with this uncontrollable feeling, which he had for the male.

He wondered how it would play out if the youngster found out about his thoughts.

Right at that moment, Qin Mo’s heart skipped a beat.

However, it was clear from their recent interactions that the youngster wasn’t gay.

Instead, he could be using the gay persona to conceal his identity as a hacker.

Furthermore, the youngster treated females with warmth and care. If Qin Mo didn’t hold on to him right now, he might never be able to grab hold of him again.

He never wanted to experience that—especially since the masquerade party had ended.

He couldn’t bear to see anyone other than him kissing the youngster, regardless of their gender.

That line of thought only led to one conclusion.

As Qin Mo couldn’t tolerate the loss, he had to make him his.

He knew the difficulties in trying to convert a straight guy.

He would feel disgusted if someone other than the youngster were to approach him.

And that was even the mildest level of intimacy.

Probably due to his upbringing, Qin Mo possessed an innate desire to control within him.

Hence, even if the chances were slim, he had to try and convert this person in front of him.

Fu Jiu’s heart wasn’t on learning physics as well, but the flash drive in her pocket.

Although time was tight, she couldn’t head back immediately.

If she left so abruptly, her actions in the study room would look too obvious.

So she had to stay until the end.

This time, she was indeed on high alert.

The best police team resided in Jiang City.

If the Almighty was the legend from the previous case, it meant that the crime unit resided in Jiang City as well.

From her knowledge, under uncertain circumstances, the police would first do a mass scan of all the hackers to sieve out those with similar methodology.

In order to prevent being scanned, she had to conceal herself well before her next move… As for her plans, it all depended on whether the Almighty would return to the crime unit.

“The answer won’t come to you even if you continue to space out,” a familiar low voice sounded.

Fu Jiu tilted her lids, replying decisively, “It’s difficult.”

“I’ll explain it once more.” Qin Mo was upright, his arms circling around Fu Jiu, his fingers tapping the question on the book. It seemed like a back hug. The scene was captivating. “You should use the second formula here…”

The view outside started to dim gradually, the sight blurred amidst the dark fog.

Wu Zhen sat in the dining area with a cup of tea. When the tea had finally chilled, she clutched onto her palms and stood up, directing a slight smile to Movie Queen An. “I won’t stay any longer since Brother Mo is busy. Auntie An, you should rest early as well. I’ll be heading back to work since the cases have been piling up recently. Also, could you let Brother Mo know to consider my offer, Auntie An? I’m sure you would agree for him to re-enter the crime unit since that is the only way he would be able to come to terms with his past.”

Movie Queen An remained silent before adding lightly, “The decision lies with him, as long as he is alright, the past doesn’t matter.”

“I understand.” Wu Zhen fastened her police cap, the smile still etched to her face.

Even if Brother Mo wouldn’t return now, the next time Z was active, he wouldn’t just sit back…