Chapter 543 - Almighty Qin’s Gay Conversion 1

Chapter 543: Almighty Qin’s Gay Conversion 1

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“Why can’t the formula be more straightforward, why does it have to be so complex?!” Fu Jiu had the habit of chewing the ends of her pen whenever she was learning physics; she would also become increasingly talkative, a stark contrast from her usual aloof silent style.

Qin Mo lowered his lids to glance at youngster’s fluffy head and in that instant, this usually infuriating person seemed rather adorable. He suppressed the urge to pull him into his arms. The sides of his lips were curving upwards faintly.

They were in close proximity.

Fu Jiu lifted her head and caught sight of the Almighty’s smile. She couldn’t help being mesmerized by the beauty of it and had to shake her head to clear her mind.

Qin Mo frowned at her actions. “Why are you shaking your head?”

“Brother Mo, don’t you feel any stress from being so handsome?” Fu Jiu tried to divert him from the hated physics book.

Qin Mo’s eyes swept over the youngster. “Well, you don’t seem to stress about physics.”

Fu Jiu: … Such a conversation killer.

“Do you want a break?” Qin Mo straightened his back, a trace of indifference could be found amidst his dashing good looks.

Fu Jiu casually put her hands onto the back of the chair, her position became enchanting. She agreed coolly, “It’s late now, shall we continue tomorrow?”

She wasn’t really tired, she just needed to find a place to check the information she had copied.

Qin Mo tapped his long, slender finger onto his wrist, indicating for the youngster to look at the time.

It isn’t even 8pm, how could it be late?

Qin Mo glanced over, an aristocratic air washing over him. “It’s still early right now, is there something you wish to do?”

“Shower and sleep,” Fu Jiu replied seriously.

Qin Mo replied faintly, “Do you even believe your own words? You’re a wall-climbing, night owl scholar.”

Fu Jiu: … What’s with the night owl!

Fu Jiu didn’t want to move, the Almighty had struck again.

“Get up.” Qin Mo shut the physics book.

Fu Jiu frowned at this. “What are you going to do? Are we eating again? I can’t eat anymore.”

“I guess your entire mind is filled with food and rest.”

Fu Jiu pressed her lips into a tight line at this ridicule. Wasn’t it a natural instinct to think of this after being stuffed so full a while ago?

“You can rest if you’re tired.”

Qin Mo then brought Fu Jiu over to another room.

“Let’s watch a movie.”

Fu Jiu glanced at the equipment, there was a projector and a large screen. Everything was installed in the room.

That was why capitalists were the worst, even watching a movie had to be done to such an extent.

Qin Mo settled into the centered seat, his long legs were hanging lightly. Due to the night sky, his pupils appeared unusually deep. “The films are over there, go grab one.”

“Okay.” Fu Jiu couldn’t understand how they ended up watching a movie, but according to the Almighty’s personality, he would probably be into psychological or mystery films, which would serve as a learning opportunity.

She randomly picked one and slotted it in before heading over to the Almighty’s side. With one hand supporting her chin, she was prepared to watch attentively.

At the beginning, Fu Jiu didn’t think much of it as the plot unveiled nicely.

Once the person appeared, Fu Jiu started to realise that the film had nothing to do with psychology or mystery.

The main question was—where was the female lead?