Chapter 544 - Almighty Qin's Gay Conversion 2

Chapter 544: Almighty Qin’s Gay Conversion 2

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After a look at the screen, Fu Jiu turned to glance at the Almighty.

His perfect profile materialized in the darkness, his dark eyes were clear as though nothing was out of the ordinary.

Could she be overthinking?

Fu Jiu patted her cheeks. After taking a sip of tea, she was shocked by the next scene.

“Cough, cough.”

She couldn’t help choking. One second, they were enemies and in the next, their lips were locked.

No one would be able to accept this easily.

The main point was that they were two guys.

Two guys…


Gay film…

If it was someone else watching it, he would have bolted up from the shock.

Fu Jiu swept a side glance over at the Almighty.

The Almighty had beautiful brows, darkening further when furrowed, eluding sexuality.

Before Fu Jiu could speak, Qin Mo beat her to it, sounding calm and at ease, “Are you going to insist that the film choice wasn’t intentional?”

Even though she had no intentions of picking this film, he seemed to suggest otherwise.

“From about a hundred movies.” Qin Mo didn’t glance over at the youngster. Instead, he tidied his sleeves, his tone leisurely. “Your choosing ability is indeed commendable.”

Fu Jiu … She was stumped.

“It isn’t like that, Brother Mo. Why would you even have such a film when you are straight?” Where was the logic?

Qin Mo lowered his lids to take a sip of his tea, responding, “The director is from the Qin Group. If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have known about the film.”

This meant he was just supporting his own business?

Fu Jiu was at a loss for words.

She didn’t seem to have much luck recently.

Everything she did would strike a blow at her.

“I’m going to stop it.” Fu Jiu felt as though something more extreme was going to happen after the kiss. It would be better to stop now to prevent further aggravation.

That was why a dark past could never be erased.

“Why would you stop?” The melodic voice came from behind. “Feeling guilty?”

In order to clarify herself, Fu Jiu readjusted her mid-raised position, adding with a mischievous expression, “Not stopping anymore, let’s resume.”

In reality, putting on a front would always backfire.

The subsequent kisses after the first kissing scene were successful.

Fortunately, there wasn’t anything more extreme.

Even so, every time they showed a kissing scene, Fu Jiu would be reminded of the masquerade party.

She couldn’t help downing another mouthful of tea.

If she had turned to look at Qin Mo, she would have seen the upturned corners of his lips. All of the hundred over films were of gay couples.

The first step to converting someone was to subconsciously normalize the act and watching movies was a good starting point.

The movie had to be specially picked as well, it couldn’t be too explicit as that might steer up negative emotions.

Fu Jiu aside, even Qin Mo wouldn’t be able to stomach such films.

In reality, as Jiang Zhuo had mentioned, it wasn’t possible for Qin Mo to be gay.

But… Qin Mo titled his head to glance at the youngster, who was still struggling to watch the movie. He just happened to like this one.