Chapter 545 - He Didn’t Want to Let Him Go

Chapter 545: He Didn’t Want to Let Him Go

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The movie went on for a long time.

Fu Jiu wasn’t sure how the Almighty felt, but she had been watching the movie intently.

She endured it. Finally, at the last scene, the screen fixed on the male lead’s face, which had traces of tears visible.

Qin Mo frowned.

If possible, he would have wanted the youngster to watch a movie with a happy ending instead of one with such heaviness.

Fu Jiu felt otherwise. “It would indeed be difficult for two people of different backgrounds to come together.”

One is a policeman and the other a bandit. Even if the bandit treats the policeman exceptionally well, to the point of breaking his own principles for the other—the dark will always remain dark.

If only one of us can survive, I wish for it to be you.

This was the ending of the movie.

Fu Jiu watched as the bandit headed for execution silently.

Even until the end, he still kept a firm grip on the crucifix in his hands.

A warm smile spread across his face, the bright sun rays blurring his handsome features.

After that, the policeman’s memories were shown.

He had known him since young.

They had wreaked havoc, fought and smoked together, but their separation afterward had led to differences in their lives.

Nothing could rival the kiss he planted on the other while he was asleep.

It was a romantic movie after all.

In reality, though, it was basically impossible between a bandit and a policeman.

Fu Jiu supported her chin, looking slouchy. “Brother Mo, I’m going to head back to rest now, the film is messing with my mood.”

“You seem eager to head home today,” Qin Mo replied nonchalantly.

Fu Jiu felt as though she had been delivered a fatal blow while she was fighting beasts. Was the Almighty suspicious of her?

She wasn’t certain at this moment, allowing a wilful grin to spread across her face. “No, I just don’t wish to face the dreaded physics book again.”

“I won’t be teaching you physics,” Qin Mo replied faintly. “Let’s play some games to determine your current condition. Besides, you probably haven’t seen Xiangnan Team’s combat video yet.”

The Almighty had more extensive equipment than the one she had in the temporary ‘office’.

It was true that Fu Jiu had not watched it. For the competition and to not invite suspicion, she followed Qin Mo to the gaming room.

Three computers, one laptop, and a large screen were hanging overhead.

As expected, once they started playing, their chemistry was perfect, especially when they were in combat.

Qin Mo could observe the youngster while defeating the beasts.

It was getting late, but he didn’t want to let him go.

Hence, he kept coming up with excuses to prolong his stay.

But in his eyes, this wasn’t the ideal situation—which would be to see this guy the instant he wakes up. He wanted this guy to be his.

This definitely wasn’t a brotherly feeling.

Qin Mo tilted his head, his gaze brushing past Fu Jiu’s profile, darkening as it landed on his bruised lips.

He had to let the youngster go because he wasn’t certain he could restrain himself.

After a game, Fu Jiu was still watching the video, her expression was growing increasingly serious.

She realized that the attention the Xiangnan Team had wasn’t without rhyme or reason.

Regardless of the formation or operation, they were unparalleled. They killed swiftly, shifting positions and ambushing flawless.

The captain, in particular, seemed hard to tackle…