Chapter 546 - Ulterior Motives

Chapter 546: Ulterior Motives

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“This person has a pretty good technique.” Fu Jiu pointed towards the screen.

Qin Mo’ gaze swept over the screen before replying slowly, “Really?”

Fu Jiu caught his disapproval instantly, breaking into a quick smile. “You are definitely better, Brother Mo. Is he your ultimate rival, whom the media has been reporting about?”

“It’s just a game, nothing to that extent.” Qin Mo lit a cigarette, his pupils darkening. “But it is necessary to defeat Sakura Stream Squad in order to be top in the nation, so you’ll have to smarten up and spend more time on your training. If nothing goes wrong, they would be our final opponent.”

Fu Jiu nodded, keeping his user ID into mind – ‘Sun’.

It was indeed striking.

This person seemed to repost the Almighty’s posts quite often.

Did that mean they knew each other?

Fu Jiu stopped her thought process, reaching out an arm to rest on Qin Mo’s shoulder. “Brother Mo, their leader seems to have ulterior motives, he is constantly forwarding your posts. Why don’t you strike him with a seduction attack?”

“Just because you aren’t straight doesn’t mean everyone else is as well.” The ends of his lips curved up faintly as he reached over to pat the youngster’s face. “If you try to push me away again, the seduction attack would be directed towards you.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

The Almighty was getting increasingly dangerous since the kiss.

He kept using her sexuality to threaten her.

“I might not be around during the first two rounds of the National League,” Qin Mo added faintly. “When I’m not around, you are to take the lead and take charge of the situation, understand?”

Fu Jiu frowned, taken aback by his words. “Why won’t you be around?”

“I have some private matter to tend to.” Qin Mo stood up, his gaze avoiding the youngster’s lips. “It’s getting late, let me send you back.”

“Cool.” Fu Jiu remained silent after that.

The moment the Almighty had mentioned that he had private matters to take care of, Fu Jiu already guessed what he was up to.

The case.

The case linked to the major crime department.

Fu Jiu eyes dimmed, remaining silent even when Qin Mo called for her.

Qin Mo misinterpreted that, assuming the youngster was worried about the competition. He strolled over, pressing his finger onto the youngster’s forehead. “Don’t worry, no private business is as important as our competition. My absence for the first two matches is because I’m confident you would win even without me around. Everyone in the troop is required to possess an independent combat ability, even if I’m not around, understand?”

“I understand.” Fu Jiu smiled. This seemed more like the Almighty, always certain of his goal.

But, even so, she had to be prepared.

Because one day, she would face the Almighty.

Her mind would always stray at that thought.

She wasn’t afraid of being caught, but she didn’t want him to look at her with disappointment.

So she had to be a worthy opponent.

If they were destined to be rivals, they should both put up a good fight.

The Almighty should like such an opponent.

In fact, she did as well.

She had once mentioned, if she hadn’t be found out too quickly, she really wanted to know which of them is stronger.

Were her words materializing now?

Fu Jiu tugged her pockets, glancing at the person walking ahead.

Regardless of all that, she was fortunate to have such an opponent.

Despite being strong, he never picked on the weak and remained righteous despite being born with a silver spoon.

This was the main difference…