Chapter 547 - Z Is on the Move, Female Disguise

Chapter 547: Z Is on the Move, Female Disguise

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If she continued to take action, there was no way she could turn back.

So once she arrived home, she immediately entered her temporary hideout.

To prevent being recognized, Fu Jiu had prepared a disguise.

But rather than calling it a disguise, it would be more appropriate to call it returning to her original state.

A tall and slender figure reappeared in front of the mirror. She wore a black windbreaker, paired with discolored jeans and knee-high military boots, eluding a handsomeness that seemed to shine from within.

On her left ear, she wore a single black earing. Her delicate and pretty features complemented her slightly curved lips, and flowy chestnut hair was inching towards her lower back. Even her eyes were concealed with beauty lenses.

She arrived at the Internet café at 10:10 pm.

It should be packed at this hour.

The chosen location was crucial because she couldn’t be near both her house and Uncle Yin.

Moreover, the lack of a fixed location was the key to confuse the police.

Thus, the location had always been chosen at random.

It wasn’t different this time.

Standing in front of the cashier, she unzipped her wallet.

As opposed to other wealthy people, Fu Jiu’s wallet contained a diverse selection of identity cards and work permits.

In order to protect her traces, she would destroy an identity card after each use.

And her mission today was the same.

“Sir, please turn on a computer.”

Those who reached the café at this hour would always stay overnight.

Since it was a weekday and the school holidays had yet to start, there weren’t many people on the Internet. Still, there were some students who skipped school to play Hero.

The cashier didn’t even bother to lift his head. “Overnight? If you’re playing overnight, I’ll open one now.”

“No, just an hour,” Fu Jiu replied, passing the money over.

The cashier then moved his mouse while searching for her change.

This meant he never once paid attention to her appearance. Therefore, the surveillance camera would be the only source of evidence.

Taking the camera’s angle into account, however, only her back view could be captured.

After Fu Jiu had switched on the computer, her first course of action was to hack into the café’s surveillance system. Next, she checked the contents in the flash drive.

It was empty, which made the situation even tougher.

This was a sign of Teacher Yang’s cautiousness because even the slightest weakness couldn’t be found on his computer.

But, this was after all the computer he used in school, not the one he had at home.

In order to obtain information, she needed his residential address.

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes, her fingers flying across the keyboard as she tried to hack into the school’s network. It wasn’t difficult. After locating his residential address, she could attack using the connection.

But something unforeseen happened.

His complete residential address wasn’t recorded in the records.

Fu Jiu paused, leaving the network swiftly.

She scrutinized the contents in the flash drive once more.

There was indeed nothing inside.

But a particular QQ chat caught her attention.

It was a conversation between Teacher Yang and an unidentified person.

The person asked, “What’s wrong? It isn’t done? The buyer is getting impatient.”

Yang Ming replied, “Don’t worry, you receive the fresh goods in a few days .”

Fu Jiu read the conversation several times; something was definitely wrong.

It was impossible for a teacher to sell food as a part-time job.

Moreover, there weren’t any traces of Taobao records on his computer. This could only mean…