Chapter 548 - Fu Jiu Targeted

Chapter 548: Fu Jiu Targeted

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He wasn’t selling food, which led her to the conclusion that it could only be people…

Fu Jiu tightened her fingers, the light in her eyes dimming; the darkness resembling the night sky, fierce and tumultuous.

The situation was much more complicated than she had imagined…

And she couldn’t affort to alert the enemy in the slightest.

This tiny evidence she had obtained wasn’t going to be of much use. Therefore, it would never end until the buyers are exposed.

Fu Jiu used QQ to search for Teacher Yang’s account.

The information was vague, consisting only of his age and occupation, but the occupation column caught her eye.

She froze and felt the sudden urge to smoke.

She didn’t bother hiding as she headed out, grabbing a box of Marlboro from the counter.

She lit a cigarette. Unlike Qin Mo, Fu Jiu eluded an air of indifference whenever she smoked.

Her indifference seemed more prominent as she smoked alone in the empty streets.

“It makes sense.” Fu Jiu carried a smoky breath when she spoke. “That explains his arrogance. This matter has to be dealt with carefully.”

The result of the case could be reversed due to the buyer’s identity.

Thus, until she secured definite evidence, she could only protect Li Mengran.

How could she ensure that everything was fine?

Almost instantly, Fu Jiu came up with a solution.

Before she could execute her plan, however, Teacher Yang came looking for her in school the next day.

“Student Fu Jiu, come out for a while.”

He stood at the entrance of class D, scanning the students with a serious expression.

If she wasn’t aware of his real personality, she would definitely be suspicious of his intentions.

But to be honest, who hasn’t lived under a mask before?

Fu Jiu placed the laptop onto the table, standing up stoically.

The other students seemed to have quietened; no one understood why a teacher from class A was looking for a student from class D.

Yang brought Fu Jiu into the office, pointing to the skateboard at the side. “Is this yours?”

Fu Jiu turned over, pretending to scrutinize the skateboard. “It looks like mine, but I marked mine with my name. This doesn’t have my name on it.”

Yang narrowed his eyes. “Oh really?”

“Mr Yang, if you are interested, I can bring mine over. It’s in the classroom.” How could her skateboard be here at this hour?

He seemed to have expected her response. Yang was indeed intelligent, he was using the skateboard as a decoy to determine if she was the one in the corridor.

Heh, how could she get exposed so easily?

If she would, she didn’t have to be a hacker any longer.

Yang took another look at the student in front of him.

He knew about Fu Jiu, but his information wasn’t useful at all.

Fu Jiu used to be the rotten apple of the school, but had somehow risen to become a school hunk.

He had a presence that could shake up the entire school.

Yang had also seen the youngster’s interview.

Unknowingly, he felt resistance towards any contact with this youngster, but the skateboard forced him otherwise…

“That’s good.” Teacher Yang broke into a smile. “The National League is starting soon and the result should be important to you. Those results would all be placed with me, so you should really work hard. It would be better if students are a little simpler…”