Chapter 549 - Be My Girlfriend

Chapter 549: Be My Girlfriend

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How could the intelligent Fu Jiu not hear the underlying threat? The one thing she hated the most was being threatened.

Teacher Yang obviously believed her words.

“That’s very true, it’ll be good if students were simpler…” she slurred.

Yang Ming couldn’t understand the wariness he felt against Fu Jiu; he is just a second year high school student, so what if he is popular?

Regardless, he would be in control of the papers when the time came.

“You can go back now since it’s not yours, but do let the teacher know about the skateboard so that it’s easier for everybody.”


Fu Jiu had never been one to reveal her dangerous side to such people.

This was the way of a hacker, always taking action in the dark.

Meanwhile, Li Mengran heard that Yang Ming had called for the youngster and immediately bolted to class D. Her eyes started to falter when she couldn’t spot him.

Xue Yaoyao sensed her abnormally and reached out to hold her. “Mengran, what’s wrong?”

“His Highness Jiu-his Highness Jiu really went to Teacher Yang’s office?” Horror and fear splashed across her face.

When Xue Yaoyao nodded, Li Mengran grabbed her arm.

“Yaoyao, we have to save him. Teacher Yang must have found out that the person who trespassed is…”

Li Mengran wasn’t able to say his name because the youngster’s light laughter came from behind. “Mengran, why are you here?”

Li Mengran tilted her head, heaving a sigh of relief after confirming his safety. She noticed the stares of the other students and forced a smile. “I-I came to find Yaoyao.”

“You don’t have to use Yaoyao as an excuse to find me.” Fu Jiu stuffed a hand into her pants pocket. She wore a pure white shirt under her school jacket. Reaching out, she tapped Li Mengran’s head affectionately, as though the girl was putting on a performance. “Dummy.”

Li Mengran wasn’t able to comprehend the situation.

The youngster lowered himself, pulling her into his embrace as he coaxed. “Are you ready to give me an answer?”

“Wh-what?” Li Mengan felt her ears numbing and her legs turned into jelly.

The youngster curved his lips, lighting up. “Of course if you agree to be my girlfriend.”


Time stood still!

The entire classroom seemed to have exploded.

The females reached out to cover their mouth!

The guys drummed the table, supporting Fu Jiu.

Basically… girlfriend?!

His Highness Jiu actually got a girlfriend!

And he was the one doing the pursuing!

Oh, no!

They couldn’t accept this cruel news!

Many of the girls could feel their heart shattering, but the guys seemed unusually happy.

Especially those in class D. With Fu Jiu around, there was no way they could stand out.

Simply put, they had lost hope in this superficial world.

Just give it a thought, every time someone confessed, the girl would reply them bashfully, “It isn’t that you aren’t good enough but I already have someone I like.”

“Who? Who is it?!” They would go crazy with curiosity!

“I’m not going to tell you.”

She would glance at the silver-haired youngster behind.

Did the girls think they were ignorant?

Even if you aren’t going to say, your thoughts are clear!