Chapter 55 - The Almighty Is Dating Online?

Chapter 55: The Almighty Is Dating Online?

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The four players looked at each other before shifting their gazes towards Qin Mo.

Maximum level, a complete profile.

And his PK ranking was freaking blinding!


This was Almighty Qin, no doubt!

They met Almighty Qin… A living Almighty Qin…

Petrified, excited, and pumped.

None of these words could even describe their feelings!

Sitting inside an internet café, the fingers holding onto the mice were trembling, alright!?

That was Almighty Qin!

He never played private games like this. He was Almighty Qin, who could bring in hundreds of thousands of fans with a single gaming contest stream.

Were they dreaming?

Forget it, let’s just kill ourselves and log in again!

Only by dying once would they believe this was true!

“Why aren’t you all moving? Let’s do it.” Fu Jiu was typing and then saw all four of them died… What the heck was happening?

Fu Jiu paused and realized something all of a sudden.

“Because of you?”

Fu Jiu sent this message privately to Qin Mo.

Qin Mo typed back with a spare hand, “Not sure, I’ve never played amateur games before. I only play professional league competitions.”

“You’ve never raided a dungeon before?” Fu Jiu was shocked.

Qin Mo replied in an indifferent tone, “Never did it privately. Only for company promotions. Did it three times in total.”

According to Fu Jiu’s understanding of the Almighty, his words translated into: he only raided dungeons three times, and every time, it was done for live streaming…

“No wonder they all died. They were scared off by a god.” Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow and typed swiftly, “Then, don’t you feel lonely when gaming by yourself? Now it’s better. With me, let this experienced player show you the way up.”

Qin Mo completely ignored her. He knew that this fellow would take any advantage the moment he was given the slightest chance, so he’d be better off ignoring him.

But, to his surprise, he found him less annoying than others.

With this in mind, Qin Mo lit a cigarette and sat back in his big armchair made of genuine leather. A sky full of stars was behind him, as if the whole cityscape at night became the background that served as a foil to him at that moment.

Secretary Liang bent over and served coffee with white gloves. Their CEO had obsessive-compulsive disorder and he never overlooked any detail… Secretary Liang wanted so badly to take a look at the screen to see whom CEO was talking to.

Usually at this time, CEO would be reading the financial news, so why was he online playing games?

And who was it on the other end?

CEO had stopped a meeting for him the last time.

Now, he was changing CEO’s working hours.

It must be an evil little fairy!

Otherwise, why would CEO neglect his work for games?

But who was this little fairy? His curiosity was killing him; it was as if there were claws scratching on his heart, the itchiness was unbearable.

CEO didn’t let him know a thing!

So sad… How could he report to Boss and Madam if he didn’t know sh*t!

“Secretary Liang.” Qin Mo extinguished the cigarette and took the coffee. Looking at him coldly, he said,” Remember who you are working for. Now, walk out and close the door.”

Secretary Liang’s body shook. He gathered his courage and said, “Yes.”

Why is CEO even more domineering than Boss?

Isn’t he still a student…

No wonder CEO’s fans calls him Almighty Qin; he is absolutely the reincarnation of a tyrant!

If one thought about it, this person was really brave to be unafraid of CEO!

Having come to this conclusion, Secretary Liang took his phone out, dialed a very familiar number, and said with a serious face, “Madam, Boss, I am quite confident that CEO is dating online. That’s right, online dating…”