Chapter 550 - News Sending No.1 Middle Campus Forum in a Frenzy

Chapter 550: News Sending No.1 Middle Campus Forum in a Frenzy

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The other type of boys were those, who had a girlfriend.

"Get lost, don't block my view of His Highness Jiu playing Hero. Ah, why is this video so short, forget it, since His Highness Jiu isn't here anymore, I'll go play Hero by myself. His Highness Jiu seemed to have been an assassin, I'm going to take on that role."

This meant that they didn't just have to compete with their partner's male god, they also had to compete against the game.

Did that even make any sense?!

Now that Fu Jiu was taken, it was definitely worth a celebration!

Li Mengran wasn't the only one with a contrasting mood, Xue Yaoyao felt differently as well.

Xue Yaoyao knew about His Highness Jiu's real identity, for which it wasn't appropriate to have a girlfriend.

Why did she suddenly pop such a question at this time and in front of such a huge crowd?

What exactly was she up to?

Li Mengran widened her eyes, her pupils shaking. "No, you, I,…."

"Hurry and agree." Fu Jiu bent forward, lowering her voice so that only both of them could hear.

Li Mengran paused slightly, before nodding her head.

At this, Fu Jiu broke into another smile and the crowd erupted into a boiling cauldron of voices.

Almost at the next moment, the campus forum exploded.

"Do you know? Do you?"


"His Highness Jiu actually got a girlfriend!"

"Hey there, stop lying. I saw him rejecting a girl's gift yesterday."

"It's real and His Highness Jiu was the one taking the initiative, he confessed in front of his entire class. My dreams are officially shattered!"

"Am I the only one that finds him dashing? He actually confessed in front of such a huge crowd, if I was the girl, I would definitely faint from bliss."

"Let me add this: This doesn't seem like much since His Highness Jiu has confessed a countless number of times."

With that, everyone seemed to have recalled His Highness Jiu's past when he would confess often — but those confession methods weren't as epic and instead brought trouble for others.

This time was different; there was tenderness, patience and a slight smile when he asked her out.

That peaceful face, which was almost as enthralling at the moonlight, had been captured and uploaded to the campus forum.

With such a photo on there, the views skyrocketed.

As one of the main character of the incident, Li Mengran was caught off guard.

She knew the youngster had his reasons.

It was definitely because of her.

Even though she wasn't exactly sure, she had a gut feeling.

She was worried that the youngster would be embroiled into her trouble when the time came…

Li Mengran lifted her head towards Fu Jiu.

He gazed into her eyes, a slight smiling spreading across his face.

After a frenzied state, the two of them, oh no, the three of them were left on their own.

Together with Xue Yaoyao, the three of them headed to the campus library.

Even though it was the campus library, there wasn't much of a crowd.

There was a wide space, so they chose a quiet and tranquil spot near the window.

Of course, that wasn't the reason Fu Jiu chose the spot.

The main reason was the bottom window at the corner of the library, which provided them a clear view of the teacher building and everyone around that area.

Fu Jiu didn't mince her words when she faced the two girls. "I apologize for the abruptness, but you have to pretend to be my girlfriend."

"This-I understand." Li Mengran's face darkened. "I'm just afraid it would affect your popularity. I heard from Yaoyao that you have a huge fan base. If you were to suddenly announce a girlfriend, would they turn into anti-fans?"

"It doesn't matter, it won't affect me. You don't have to overthink. I'm focused on my game, not the popularity." Fu Jiu reassured her as he moved an image, seemingly unruffled.

Li Mengran turned towards Xue Yaoyao, who pat her back reassuringly. "Listen to His Highness Jiu."

At that moment, Li Mengran felt gratitude wash over her.

She understood how troublesome her matter was and how no one would be willing to step in.

For instance, some teachers had seen her entering Teacher Yang's classroom multiple times, but due to his strong backing, they could only help her a few times with no intentions to blow up the matter.

But now, there was someone who was willing to jeopardize his own popularity just to take action and face Teacher Yang directly.

Li Mengran couldn't explain her current state of mind, but she was suddenly reassured that she wasn't alone.

Behind her was a supporting strength; be it the youngster or her best friend Yaoyao, who was looking on with a caring gaze.

"Take a look first, do you know this person who has made a transaction with Yang Ming?" Fu Jiu turned the phone, allowing Li Mengran to read the chat on the screen.

Li Mengran shook her head, muttering, "I don't know Teacher Yang very well."

As such, Fu Jiu decided to try another approach. "What is the address for the additional lessons you mentioned?"

"A-a high-end entertainment club," Li Mengran forced out, taking an unconscious glance towards Xue Yaoyao. As expected, horror and shock filled her best friend's gaze.

But since they were already at this step, she wasn't concerned any longer.

Li Mengran inhaled deeply, before continuing, "Teacher Yang didn't bring me over initially. For the first three days, our additional lessons were held in a cafeteria, but subsequently, I was asked to head over to the entertainment club."

Fu Jiu lifted his lids. "What's the name of the club?"

"Pure Color." Afterwards, she added, "It's a famous entertainment paradise in Jiang City that many people patronize, some of our schoolmates go there as well. But Teacher Yang and the others are never on the dance floor, instead, they would only be in a private room."

Fu Jiu drew a circle with her pen, writing the words Pure Color followed by the words 'address'.

"Do you know where Yang Ming lives?"

Li Mengran shook her head. "I haven't had any contact."

"Alright, I understand." She had to get his address elsewhere.

Fu Jiu closed her laptop, turning towards Li Mengran. "Get Yaoyao to accompany you for the next two days. Regardless of where Yang makes you go, don't go, and let him know that you are taken, going to extra lessons won't be any good."

"I understand…" Li Mengran hung her lids, she didn't tell the youngster what the consequences would be if her mother were to hear of this. His Highness Jiu had already done enough for her, she could settle the rest on her own.

Fu Jiu placed the pen down. "Endure it another two days, it'll get better after that."

Two days later would be the day of their final exam.

The exam result wasn't just important to Li Mengran, it weighed equally to both Fu Jiu and Xue Yaoyao.

Meanwhile, the post about His Highness Jiu on the campus forum was still gaining views.

Other than students, there were also teachers posing undercover.

Fu Jiu confessed in front of so many people to ensure that there was enough hype for the forum because the campus forum was high on the list in Yang's browsing history…

In order to catch a prey, the first step was to lure it in.

Besides, she didn't have much time.

Fu Jiu glanced at her watch, it should be about time.

Yang Ming would definitely be alerted by the post.

The demands on the chat specifically requested for 'fresh', the meaning obvious in that circumstance.

This was the only way she could protect Li Mengran and prompt Yang Ming into action.

As the supplier, if his 'fresh' good got herself a boyfriend, it would send Yang Ming into a tricky situation.

Fu Jiu's prediction was right; the moment Yang Ming caught sight of the post, a fire blazed within him.

He warned both Li Mengran and Fu Jiu to behave and act accordingly.

Isn't Li Mengran aware?

He tried to control her, preventing her from interacting with other boys in order to ensure her 'freshness', so that the higher-ups would award him a high price.

This couldn't do, he had to hurry and ask when the higher-ups were free.

He was going to send Li Mengran out in the next few days before anything could happen between her and Fu Jiu.

The main concern was that girls with boyfriends tend to be fiercer and if they were too aggressive, something might happen.

Thus, he decided to give Li Mengran's mother a call.

Upon receiving his call, Mother Li hurriedly stopped her tasks.

Yang Ming pretended to hesitate. "Mrs Li, I don't know if I should let you know about this, but as Li Mengran's teacher, I feel that it would be better for her to talk with her parents about such affairs. She has been getting closer to a boy from class D, which I suspect prompted her to skip two extra lessons, but of course, that is just my assumption since…"

"Teacher Yang, you don't have to explain any further." Mother Li interrupted, her expression hard and cold. "I will watch over her, other than extra lessons, I will not give her any chance to go out."

Yang Ming sighed. "Parents like Mrs Li are the best, you understand our views and aren't overly agitated, focusing primarily on the child's education… "

Mother Li took his word for it and wasn't the least bit doubtful.

She even felt that the reason for this phone call was that he hadn't given up on Mengran.

Mother Li's resolve strengthened at the thought — when her daughter returned home, she was sure to teach her.

On the other end, Yang Ming reached for the car keys in his drawer as he submitted a leave form stating an excruciating headache probably from an upcoming cold.

Yang Ming had pretty good relations with the other teachers, hence, it didn't take him much effort to get a substitute teacher.

Just like that, Yang Ming left the teacher building, having a clue that his actions are being monitored by a youngster in the library…